What To Wear With A Seersucker Jacket

When you know what seersucker is, styling it becomes easier. Because of its lightweight and breathable fabric, seersucker is worn traditionally during hot weather. Although many people associate seersucker with bright stripes, it also comes available in solid prints. The term “seersucker” refers to the puckered, flat-line pattern of the fabric.

It is neither overly casual nor strictly professional, making it one of the most versatile fabrics to add to your summer wardrobe. Best of all, because of its design, seersucker naturally maintains its shape, meaning you won’t need to worry about ironing it regularly.


Here are a few ways to style your seersucker jacket:


For business casual summer style, pair your seersucker jacket with seersucker pants to create a classic suit. A seersucker suit is also a great look for more casual summertime weddings. First, choose a pair of pants that match your jacket pattern and color. From here, opt for an Oxford button-up shirt in either a white or light pastel hue. Brown dress shoes like double monks and a matching belt are always a safe bet. Complete your look with a solid-colored, standard butterfly bowtie.


Linen pants are another summer staple. Because of their lightweight design, pairing them with a seersucker jacket makes perfect sense. If you’re styling a traditional, blue striped seersucker jacket, we recommend choosing pants in lighter shades, such as cream or light tan. From here, choose a white or light-colored dress shirt. As a general rule of thumb, opt for a shirt that is lighter in color than your trousers. To complete your look, wear a pair of brown tassel loafers and a brown leather watch. Adding a bow tie or pocket scarf is optional.


For a smart-casual look, wear your seersucker jacket with a timeless pair of Charleston khakis. You can keep this look simple by choosing your seersucker jacket in beige stripe and pairing it with classic-colored, tan khakis. Opt for a fully tucked white buttoned shirt and a light-colored pocket scarf. Remember, brown dress shoes with a matching belt and watch typically style well with all seersucker looks!


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How is Seersucker Made?

Seersucker fabric was first woven in India. When the British colonized India, they discovered the material, and it became wildly popular in British colonial circles.


In addition, lighter clothing made this hot, new climate a little more manageable for the newcomers and further enhanced its popularity.

The British introduced seersucker to the United States in the early 1900s, where it gained tremendous popularity in the hot Southern weather.

Seersucker was initially the favored material by laborers, who saw this fabric as an excellent way to cope with their boiling work conditions. Soon, more genteel society picked up on the virtues of seersucker, and it became a fashion statement.

The way the cotton threads are woven causes the threads to bunch up together. This creates a texture that puckers the material. These textured bumps are what help the air to circulate and create that cooling effect.

The Seersucker Suit Should Fit Perfectly

Your seersucker suit needs to fit perfectly. All suits, including all their parts, like your dress shirt, should always be a perfect fit.

how to wear a suit with dress shirt and tie

However, it is so much more critical when you are wearing a suit with vertical stripes, such as with seersucker. Although the fit is always an essential part of your suit, there is so much less wiggle room when you are wearing stripes.

Vertical stripes have an elongating effect on the wearer. They may help create the illusion that you are taller than you are. This can ultimately backfire, though, if your suit is too large on you.

When a striped suit is oversized, the excess material will pool around your ankles, shoulders, and wrists.

Any area where the fabric ends up squashed together will ruin the sleek effect of the vertical stripes. Thus, your seersucker suit will quickly go from dapper to slovenly looking.

Basic Tips for Wearing a Seersucker Suit

With a few easy guidelines, you can pull off a seersucker suit as easily as an old Southern lawyer. In other words, you can wear seersucker like a pro.

Be sure to avoid clashing patterns. If your suit jacket is striped or checked, keep that in mind as you match your accessories and dress shirt.

how to wear seersucker suit jacket

Likewise, avoid bright and flashy colors. It’s best to stick to calmer or neutral shades and fabrics that don’t have a tremendous sheen.

Consider separating your seersucker suit jacket and pants. Then, you can wear each piece individually and be a fashion success story! That’s because seersucker is an excellent material for mixing and matching.

And it should go without saying that you should only wear seersucker suits in warm weather. This material is designed for coolness, so it would look very out of place in cool climates.

Just like you wouldn’t (at least hopefully wouldn’t) see a fur coat in the South, you shouldn’t wear a seersucker suit on a frosty day.

How to Wear a Seersucker Suit

Seersucker suits are essentially shorthand for leisure. Again, they are on the casual end of the suit spectrum and are not appropriate for important events or job interviews.

how to wear a seersucker suit casually

If you arrive at a job interview wearing a seersucker suit, you will be signaling to your prospective boss that you are into relaxation, not working.

It may not necessarily be accurate, but that would be the subliminal messaging. So just leave the seersucker suit at home for interviews.

The focus of a seersucker suit is the fabric; that is the star of your outfit. Don’t try to compete with the stand-out material by adding a busy tie or flashy shoes. Just let your seersucker suit shine on its own.

Again, the fit of the seersucker suit can’t be stressed enough! The seersucker material isn’t awfully stiff, so it won’t retain its shape as heavier suits do. Help it out by ensuring that it is an excellent cut for your body.

Separate the Pants

Yes, you can separate your seersucker suit! First, you can wear suit pants by themselves; they make a fantastic summer smart-casual outfit.

Then, depending on how dressy you are looking to go, you can pair your seersucker jacket with a dress shirt or a polo shirt. You can also roll up the sleeves of your dress shirt for a relaxed, dressy style.

how to separate seersucker suit jacket and pants

Conversely, you can wear the seersucker suit jacket alone! Pair it with some nice dress pants, such as a good pair of chinos, in a complementary or neutral color.

Keep your shirt light and summery. You could even dress up a good pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt with a seersucker blazer for an extreme leisure fashion approach.

Seersucker is a very versatile fabric!

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