What To Wear To A Techno Festival

This most likely will go hand in hand with a wardrobe that represents your personality. If you aren’t into bdsm why should you wear a harness or latex? And if you like your basic grey sweater why is that a “bad” piece for a night out. Unfortunately some clubs especially in Berlin have a very strict and sometimes strange door policy. In general I think that is a good thing, but often people associate that with a certain way they need to dress. A question:

If someone you are dating wouldn’t accept you the way you are and wanted you to change, would you?

Probably not, so why change for a meaningless place. Why change styles and wear clothing you don’t feel comfortable in. It doesn’t matter how cool you look in the eyes of others and or how spaced out it is. If you are uncomfortable and insecure about it, it is not worth it! Sure, go ahead, experiment, try out new fits, brands and styles but don’t try to represent someone you are not. But now let’s start with some pieces:

1. Earplugs:

Got you! An item you probably didn’t expect. But clubs and festivals are loud, think about your health. Your future self will thank you when you don’t suffer from tinnitus in your early 30s. Also some bonuses are it’s easier to stay longer at a party since your hearing won’t be exhausted that quick and it is easier to understand people. At least I feel that way when I am on the dance floor and someone is screaming in my ear.

Always bring some of those with you

It doesn’t matter if you are using cheap or special made ones. Just make sure they fit. Most of the time people don’t even notice them, so only advantages in utilizing them.

2. No overly expensive items

Defining what’s expensive is difficult. Everybody has a different financial standpoint. But constantly worrying that someone will step on your expensive sneakers or burn a hole in your jacket (you spend your whole savings on) is a clear indicator that those pieces are to valuable for a night out. Same things apply to unique or statement pieces you love. Going to a party comes with the risk to leave marks, holes and nasty smells in your clothing. Only dress in pieces you are ok with wrecking or potentially loosing. Dress in what you can afford.

3. Avoid big Branding

What people with expensive clothing also (!caution generalization!) often do is flexing by showing of big brands. From Gucci Logos to Off-white Stripes. Why? Nobody cares you spend $600+ on a T-shirt. Most will probably think you’re a spoiled person — section 2 — who doesn’t value money or his wardrobe.

Dont wear advertisement on yourself (Philipp Plein, North Face) — Pictures from Zalando

But this Section isn’t only valid for expensive brands. In general a plain T-shirt, jacket or hoodie looks cleaner and way nicer than the logo of a fashion brand. There are clubs out there that turn down money from breweries or tobacco companies because they don’t want to advertise in their safe space. Help them and don’t wear advertisement on yourself.

4. No white shoes

This one is a personal one and I am sure some people will disagree with me. I like my shoes clean and take good care of them. In my opinion they should last a while and it always is a good first impression wearing clean stuff (including your shoes). Wearing white shoes to a club or festival is quite counterintuitive. They will get dirty, you can’t prevent it! People will step on them and you will never get them truly clean again.

Some of my recommendations (Camper and Nike)— Pictures from Zalando

I recommend you some dark-colored, comfortable sneakers. You will be dancing alot and you don’t want to worry about comfort and aesthetics. With black, grey or dark green no one will see any stains after you’re done cleaning them and you will be able to wear them after the party. Although I can only advise having a beater pair: some old kicks you don’t wear that much anymore.

An additional experience: I love thick shoes (e.g. Fila Disruptor, Balenciaga Tripple S) but wearing them while dancing is just annoying and a very unpleasant experience. Keep the weight of your shoes in mind.

5. Flare aka Accessories

Now that we’ve talked about which items to leave at home, let’s look into some stuff that can make your outfit truly unique. I personally love to see some interesting jewelry on someone. As stated before I am into basic clothing with maybe some interesting fit — but no loud prints. So adding some chains and rings can really elevate the appearance of your style. Sure it needs to be done tastefully and not like all fake diamonds with a lot of bling bling.


The fashion YouTube sangiev is a great example. His use of rings and chains is pretty bold but definitely an eye catcher. Maybe start with one or two items check if you feel comfortable and if you do so continue from there. Same goes for women. Even if you already wear rings try to mix it up a bit and maybe experiment with some bigger stuff like skull shapes.

Additionally, rings and chains are pretty cheap if you don’t go with precious metal. Try finding some shapes you like on eBay and Asos and for well under 50 bucks you’ll be able to add some flare to your outfit.

By the way, it doesn’t matter if you prefer silver or gold. Look what is most appealing to you.

Rings and Chains (Erase and Topman) — Pictures by Zalando

What Is The Best Way To Dress To A Techno Event?

When dressing for a techno event, think about the kind of vibe you want to project.

1. Women’s Outfits

For an underground rave party, choose clothing that is easy to move around in but still looks good on stage—like tie-dye shirts or dresses made from old T-shirts! When deciding what shoes to wear at these kinds of events, look for ones with traction so they won’t slip when moving around on stage or off; also look for ones that are comfortable enough for long periods of standing or walking around in different areas.

2. Men’s Outfits

The easiest way to look good at a techno dance party is to wear a t-shirt and jeans. You can always go with a plain white or black t-shirt, but you can also get creative by wearing one with some kind of print or pattern. A graphic tee is always fun and fashionable, but if you want something simple, try a plain crew neck or v-neck t-shirt in black or grey.

When it comes to jeans, it’s all about personal preference. If you’re looking for something that will make you stand out from the crowd but still fit in with everyone else, try light-wash jeans in dark blue or black. Darker washes are also great because they will hide stains better than lighter ones do so they’re less likely to end up looking grungy after dancing all night long!

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