What To Wear To A Margaritaville Party

You should wear a colorful top to a Jimmy Buffett party. Consider wearing a shirt that has a tropical theme, such as vibrant island flowers. Shirts commonly worn by Jimmy Buffett fans are Hawaiian shirts. Alternatively, you could wear an article of clothing that references Jimmy Buffett directly, such as a T-shirt that you purchased at a Jimmy Buffett concert. It is also acceptable to wear a bikini top. Essentially you should dress as if you are going to a beach party or luau.


Beach Bottom


View of crowd at Jimmy Buffett concert at the beach

Many Parrot Heads, male and female, wear grass skirts or hula skirts to Jimmy Buffett events. If you don’t have a skirt, you can wear a pair of khaki shorts or pants. You may also wear pants with colorful flowers, sharks or birds on them. The bottom of your outfit should follow a tropical island theme similar to that of the top of your outfit.



Parrothead at a Jimmy Buffett concert

Add accessories to your Jimmy Buffett party outfit. For example, you could wear a coconut bra on top of your colorful top, or you could just wear the coconut bra as your top. Other items to consider adding to your outfit include a lei, a colorful strand of beads and/or a pair of sunglasses. Additionally, consider putting tropical flowers in your hair to emphasize the island theme. For your footwear, wear beach sandals or boat shoes.



Parrotheads at a concert

Many Jimmy Buffett fans sport hats with parrots or sharks on them. Some companies sell parrot hats designed specifically for Jimmy Buffett Parrot Heads. If you do not have a parrot hat, you could wear a straw hat commonly worn on sunny days at the beach or on a boat. However, Jimmy Buffett himself frequently wears baseball caps. If you would like to wear a baseball cap to the party, choose one that highlights a warm climate, such as a hat that references a tropical paradise or a vacation destination like Key West in Florida or a Caribbean Island.

What do you need to throw a Margaritaville party?

Margaritaville artwork

Margaritaville invitations set the theme.

A week or two before, send out an invitation announcing the theme and how guests should dress.

I’m a fan of the more casual emailed invitation, but if it’s in your budget, mailed invitations up the specialness level of any event.

This year’s email invite for my party is below and I created it in Canva using one of their tropical layouts. For a past party, I uploaded the graphic above into Paperless Post.

Anywhere you find invitations, you’ll find a good option with any beach or tropical theme!

Margaritaville party invitation sample

Decorations to create a Margaritaville paradise.

The decorating is the best part of putting this party together. And once you get on a roll creating Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville at your very own home, it’s hard to stop because there are so many options!

Let’s take a look at my Margaritaville party setup. You’ll see loads of easy, fun ideas here and I’ll also list plenty more to get you inspired!

Many of these ideas can also be used for kids tropical, beach, or summer birthday parties, sans the alcohol and more adult decor.

yard flamingos lining front walk

A few years ago, guests made their way up to the house through a flock of flamingos.

pinatas on front porch

This year a couple of greeters are on duty on the front porch. Not just pinatas. Pinatas wearing leis and ready to party.

sombrero holding flower leis

Right inside the front door, this sombrero full of flower leis invites guests to add more flair to their already festive attire.

tall tropical centerpiece, watermelon shark, and tropical appetizer buffet

In the kitchen, the centerpiece on the island is a wannabe of the towering palm trees in the tropics, shading the appetizer and dessert spread.

I created it with faux tropicals I found at Michaels end of summer sale at 80 percent off (does happy dance).

And just so you know, a Hawaiian straw hat turned upside down is a great idea for a dip bowl holder.

And what better vessel for chips and crackers than a couple of plastic clamshells?

desserts for tropical theme party with mini pinatas

I have a huge “herd” of these mini pinatas, so I stuck them everywhere. Why is everything in miniature so adorable?

The paper fan decorations also added pops of color under some of the serving dishes.

mini pinata party decoration

More star pinatas hold up dishes and mini maracas are sprinkled around (mini pinatas shaking mini maracas would be double the cuteness…)

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