What To Wear In Myrtle Beach In October

Clothing. Shorts and T-shirts are still acceptable in the autumn months, both socially and climate-wise, as temperatures still regularly reach the 70s. But the deeper we get into the winter calendar, the more you’re going to need the full coverage of jeans, slacks, long-sleeve shirts and sweaters.

The change in seasons also opens some new opportunities not available in the summer. Smaller beach crowds and more relaxed beach rules and regulations may allow you to bring along some items you wouldn’t dream of packing during the summer time. Here’s a list of things you might want to pack for your fall and winter getaway to the Myrtle Beach area:


It’s only common sense that you want to wear warmer clothes in the fall and winter, but there are certain accessories that come in particularly handy at the beach. Because of the drop in the ocean water temperature and a prevailing onshore breeze, the winds can make it 10 to 15 degrees cooler on the immediate coast compared to just a few hundred feet inland. That makes items like a windbreaker jacket, stocking cap with ear covers and a scarf can go a long way towards making your morning and evening retreat to your private balcony a bit more comfortable. Bring a blanket to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee on cooler than average days.

Family on the beach with sunhats and sunglasses


Shorts and T-shirts are still acceptable in the autumn months, both socially and climate-wise, as temperatures still regularly reach the 70s.  But the deeper we get into the winter calendar, the more you’re going to need the full coverage of jeans, slacks, long-sleeve shirts and sweaters. Footwear may be the biggest difference, as flip-flops and open-toed shoes won’t keep your feet warm and dry. If you plan to go for walks on the beach, bring some sweat pants you can roll up to avoid getting that wet icky feeling clinging to your shins.

Couple on the beach in winter clothing


A new law that bans beach tents on along the Myrtle Beach oceanfront does not apply during the fall and winter months. The larger tents come in handy during the offseason, not only blocking the sun when needed but also stopping the cooler winds coming off the ocean. It’s also a good idea to bring your own beach chairs and umbrellas since the lifeguard/rental services shut down in the offseason.  For the more active beachgoers, the emptier beaches make it easier to get up a pick-up game of football, soccer or other activities that require more space. Throw the Frisbee, play some corn hole or roll out the bocce balls; there’s plenty of room to play without disturbing others. On chillier days, a deck of cards and board games might be useful.

Family on the beach holding a soccer ball and floating tubes

Deciding what to bring for a fall getaway requires a little more planning. The weather can still be hot and sunny by day, followed by a crisp, cool autumn night. Fall visitors are required to be slightly pickier packers.

However, there are some simple-to-follow guidelines that will make it more carefree for guests at Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort. Use this checklist to help you pack your bags for a lovely autumn retreat to Myrtle Beach:

Check the Forecast

The average high and low temperatures for Myrtle Beach in October (75/57), November (67/48) and December (60/41) represent a wide swing so check for anything out of the normal during your stay and plan accordingly. Be sure to take a look at the long-range weather forecast for fairly accurate charts up to 7 to 10 days out. The closer to your arrival date the more reliable the information. The Weather Channel is a valuable source for forecasting models, but the more local the better. We recommend WPDE TV 15’s award-winning meteorologist Ed Piotrowski (wpde.com) for the best 411 about what to expect during your Myrtle Beach vacation.

A Little of Everything

The best way to pack for your fall trip to Myrtle Beach is to be prepared for anything. The beach is more comfortable in the autumn and Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort’s water amenities are open, so there’s a good chance your family will need the same summer attire. However, for those chillier days and nights, you will want to bring long-sleeve shirts and pants, socks and real shoes, a lightweight jacket or windbreaker, things that normally don’t make the cut for a summer visit. Sitting out on the oceanfront balcony at night can be a bit more brisk than the summer breeze, so a hoodie, sweatpants or a blanket are nice to bring along too.

Accessories are Necessities

There are a few items that are easier to find in the summertime that might not be a given in the fall. For instance, the summer Kids Club activities that provide children with everything they need to participate in arts and crafts and fun and games, are unavailable in the offseason so be sure to pack any sports equipment, pool toys or craft materials to keep the little ones entertained. Don’t let the cooler temperatures fool you either; sunscreen is still much needed in the fall during the midday hours. The larger tents that banned during the summer months are permitted during the offseason so find a good spot to set up on the beach and relax.

More to Explore

Perhaps the most important thing to pack for your Myrtle Beach fall vacation is your sense of adventure. During the summer months, we have some guests spend their entire stay on the Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort property to enjoy all the on-site amenities and avoid the hassle of crowds and traffic. But with the offseason featuring fewer visitors and lighter traffic, autumn and winter are the perfect times to expand your horizons and explore the many treasures of the Carolina coastline. Spend a day at nearby Myrtle Beach State Park, Brookgreen Gardens, Huntington Beach State Park or any of the scenic sites surrounding Myrtle Beach.

That’s Entertainment

Myrtle Beach offers non-stop entertainment in the summer months, but the fall allows visitors to soak up some much-needed down time. Bring a book to relax and read on the beach, balcony or poolside, and pack some earphones for a refreshing morning or sunset walk on the beach. If you enjoy surf fishing, bring your poles and gear and set up on a secluded stretch of beach for the autumn runs. The isolation allows visitors to experience it all, so bring your clubs for the world-famous golf, canoes and kayaks for exploring the tranquil backwaters, binoculars for bird-watching during the fall migration. You bring the toys; we’ll provide the beautiful backdrop for fun.

For those who love to experience all the sites and sounds of Myrtle Beach, there are still plenty of options in the fall – live performance theaters like Carolina Opry and the Alabama Theatre, fun and games at Top Golf and Dave & Buster’s, dining, shopping and nightlife at Broadway at the Beach and The Market Common. Make your plans and book your fall stay at Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort and pack accordingly for the ultimate autumn escape.

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