What To Wear In Italy In October Men

As you prepare for your Italian adventure, one crucial question arises: What to Wear in Italy in October for Men? This article serves as your style guide, helping you navigate the changing weather and effortlessly blend in with the fashionable locals, ensuring a memorable and comfortable trip through the heart of this beautiful Mediterranean country.

Dressing for the rain in Rome

Seeing some rain in Rome in October is fairly likely, especially at the end of the month when it starts feeling more like fall.

Any rain showers we get in October are usually over quickly, so even if it does rain at some point during your visit, it shouldn’t stop you from having a great time. (And you might even get some cool photos!)https://www.youtube.com/embed/RRXWkpkNaWw?autoplay=0&rel=0

I always recommend packing a rain-hatas they are small, light, and easy to carry with you in your day-bag ready if you need it.

When packing for Rome in October, I would also suggest bringing a good-quality travel umbrella along with a waterproof jacket or coat.

Weather in Italy in October

I said October is definitely classified as Fall or Autumn in Italy. However depending on which part of Italy you are traveling to will greatly affect what you can expect from the weather.

Verona street in october
What to wear in Italy in October

Generally speaking however you can expect the temperatures in Italy in October to be:

  • Central Italy: average temperature range of 55-70°F or 13-21°C
  • Northern Italy: average temperature range of 45-65°F/7-18°C
  • Southern Italy: 65-75°F/18-24°C.

In places such as Rome you will find the average temperature is around 64°F/18°C. while in places like Sicily the temperature range is 56-69˚F / 14-21˚C.

Does it Rain in Italy in October?

October isn’t the driest month in Italy. In fact you will notice the chance of getting a perfect sunny day in October is greatly reduced from September.

Typically there is a 49% chance of a sunny day, and 51% chance of a mixture of sunshine and cloud. However the average rainfall across all of the month only amounts to 38mm. However having said that I have on several occasions been caught in torrential downpours in Rome in October. For this reason it is important to have some waterproof wear on your packing list for October.

It is also worth pointing out that the North is more likely to see rain than the South.

How do locals dress in Italy in October

If you want to be more in keeping with the locals you will need to know how locals in Italy dress.

Locals in Italy tend to have started to put away their summer wardrobes in October and have started adding more layers to their outfits.

What to Wear in Italy in October for Women

Woman in jacket, back turned to camera overlooking the Bergamo Italy skyline in October
What to wear in Italy in October

When looking at how to dress in Italy in October the key to your outfits has to be layers.


Trousers are my go to bottom layer for Italy in October over skirts and dresses as they can cope with the variety of weathers.

And unlike in summer, jeans are a great choice for Italy in October. The weather has cooled significantly enough that you won’t be uncomfortable wandering round sightseeing famous landmarks or museums in jeans.

But it is worth having some smarter trousers too for going out at night or going for dinner in Italy. I like to have a pair of black pants with me for Italy in October too.


Although I tend to avoid dresses for sightseeing in October, I would usually take one with me for evenings out.

However I would always pack a pair of tights to pair with a dress as nights can be chilly especially in the north.

Also be sure to try and select a dress that covers your shoulder and knees if you plan to wear a dress in the day as this will conform to the Italian church dress code rules.

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Blouses are perfect in Italy in October. I tend to select a blouse made out of a natural fabric with a looser fit. This will help prevent sweating and also still meet the dress code for churches.

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T Shirts

T Shirts are great for Italy no matter whether you are visiting beaches, mountains, countryside or cities. For October I recommend packing a mixture of both long and short sleeve t shirts as the weather can be changeable in October.

I also recommend packing plain color t shirts if you want to blend in more with the locals. I would also leave text shirts and graphic tees at home as these aren’t very Italian.

What to wear in Rome in early, mid, and late October

Rome in October is one of the best months for visiting Rome, with ideal weather for exploring and enjoying the city!

The temperature in Rome in October changes quite a lot over the month. At the start of October temperatures average around 75-79 Fahrenheit/24-26 Celsius during the day and around 56-60 Fahrenheit/14-16 Celsius at night.

By the end of October the clocks change and fall is definitely here, with daytime temperatures averaging 16-18 Celsius/60-64 Fahrenheit and nighttime temperatures averaging 8-10 Celsius/46-50 Fahrenheit.

The Roman Forum in Rome in October

Whether you’re packing for Rome in October for the beginning, middle or end of the month, you’ll want to bring clothes that can layer well, so good basics like cotton t-shirts or long-sleeved tops, jeans/cotton pants, a cardigan or pullover and a light rain jacket.

To be more specific:


In early October, the weather in Rome is perfect for sightseeing, featuring warm days with plenty of sunshine, so during the day it will be warm enough for short-sleeved tops or t-shirts.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing shorts in October. Light jeans, cotton pants or hiking pants are better options, and make sure to bring a light jumper or cardigan with you to put on when you go inside any sites or churches, which will likely feel cooler.

During the day you could wear sandals if you prefer, as long as they can hold up to lots of walking, but I’d pack at least one pair of closed-toe shoes as well.

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