What Shoes Do You Wear With A Dirndl

The basic rules are comfortable and stylish, so you’ll want to find a nice blend of the two. What is currently trending in Germany are booties and flats. If you’re looking for a classic look, opt for loafers or Mary Janes. For something fun and unique, try wearing ankle boots with tassels or buckles. Overall, you’re looking for shoes that are comfortable so you can wear them for potential looooong days spent on your feet. But you also don’t want to be THAT girl wearing old New Balance sneakers or dad sneakers… not a chic look. Personally, I like to go with something a little more playful and trendy. Below is an assortment of shoe styles that both Christina and Ashley said were frequently seen at Oktoberfest in Munich.

Rare Dirndl Outfit Inspiration

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Traditionally, one would wear a Mary-Jane style shoe with a low heel and dirndl socks. (Click here to order my favorite dirndl socks) For a more modern take on the Mary-Jane, look for shoes with some edgier details to them like buckles or laces. Don’t worry about having to be super matchy-matchy with your dirndl and shoes. A nice contrast of colors can be very eye-catching and fashionable. 

Mary Jane Shoe
Rare Dirndl Outfit Inspiration

Check out King Brad’s stylish trachten shoes. They typically make Trachten shoes of high-quality materials, such as leather and suede, which gives them a classic look that is perfect for traditional Oktoberfest attire.

For a super casual look: Go with your favorite flats. My favorite are my TOMS. They’re comfortable and they come in so many fun patterns and colors. Plus, you can easily dress them up or down depending on the occasion. However, most folks prefer a ballet flat. Plus, the variety of colors and designs available mean that you can find something to fit your style, whether it’s a classic black or a bright filigree pattern.

Dirndl Shoe Inspiration - Ballet Flat
Rare Dirndl Outfit Inspiration

Best shoes to wear with a dirndl

I’m going to give you some shopping options here that represent some of the best shoes to wear with a dirndl. All of these are totally acceptable options that you can just buy straightaway and call it a day. Or, use these as reference so you know what to look for as far as Oktoberfest shoes for women.

FYI, Zappos.com is hands-down my favorite shoe shop. If you haven’t tried them yet, you definitely should! Free (super fast) shipping, free returns, and I love their videos so you can see what all the shoes look like on real people. Totally stress-free shopping. I get all my shoes here.

Best shoes to wear with a dirndl: traditional look

If you want to stick with a totally traditional Oktoberfest look, you’ll want to search for black Mary Jane style pumps with a small heel. These may not be the most comfortable to wear and dance in all day and night, but you can definitely find some more comfortable versions (and add a cushion!). Here are some current options:

  • Rozz by LifeStride – (3 colors) Pretty much the ideal, traditional-look (but modern) Oktoberfest shoes for women. Cushioned foot bed and outer traction, plus 2-inches of height in case you need to be “This Tall” to ride some of the rides.
  • Ambyr Glow or Emily Rae by Clarks – Cushioned footbed, both simple and perfect for wearing with your dirndl.
  • Clarice by Easy Spirit – (Now in 6 colors) Simple, classic design
  • Angelina by Cobb Hill – A unique take on the classic with some extra design details

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me wearing black flats with my dirndl
Impact by Lifestride

Best shoes to wear with a dirndl: comfy flats

Cute and simple flats work with any dirndl length, color, or style. And they’ll keep your feet super comfy all day and night. (Unless you just pick up whatever’s the cheapest. In that case, you might want to grab some blister pads while you’re at it.) Here are my favorite flats for Oktoberfest 2023:

  • Playful by Bzees – How comfortable do these shoes look? I might get these for myself. I love the bow detail too and the fact that you get some height out of them!
  • Impact by LifeStride – Simple flat with just a little bit of height, memory foam cushioning, can’t beat it. (I own these myself, see above photo.)
  • Maxwell by Naturalizer – Super simple Mary-Jane style flats.
  • Cleo Sport by Skechers – Look how comfortable these look! (My next pair.)
  • Check out all the flats here. I personally filtered for blackunder $100, and comfort, but there are hundreds of options here for cute Oktoberfest shoes. And lots of sales happening!

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Texas by Skechers

Best shoes to wear with a dirndl: cute booties

If flats aren’t your thing, cute booties/ankle boots are a great Oktoberfest shoe option that add a little more “fashion” to your look. (Because I’m updating this in May, booties selection is low right now. I’ll update this again in August when there are more options!) Here are some Oktoberfest bootie ideas:

  • LifeStride by Ally – (3 colors) Super cute booties available in four colors (I like “mushroom”) and a little bit of lift. Plus, a textured grip that’s important where spilled beers and slippery floors are concerned, just saying.
  • Damita by Easy Street – (5 variations) – Simple booties said to be very comfortable (and on sale!)
  • Texas by Skechers – (2 colors) You can’t go wrong with Skechers and their commitment to memory foam. These ankle boots are super cute and they’re already Scotchgarded! (I own these myself, pictured above.)
  • Ana by Comfortiva – (3 colors) First of all, how about that brand name? You’re speaking my language, people! You can’t go wrong with this simple black suede ankle bootie for Oktoberfest.
  • Check out the whole bootie selection here as there are lots of different style options.

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Best shoes to wear with a dirndl: white sneakers

I’m all about at least attempting to stick to the traditional look, as long as I can be comfortable and stress-free. However, there is one look that is far from the traditional, but is actually a super popular option. Casual sneakers.


You’ll mostly find young Bavarians wearing these with their dirndls (like, the 16-26 crowd), so perhaps this is the new “traditional.” I will say that I have totally been embracing the laced-up look as of late, partly because the ones I have are really comfortable and because I’m overdue for some Oktoberfest shoe shopping myself.

You’ll find so many pairs of white sneakers at the Schottenhamel tent

That being said, check out these casual styles if you want to do Oktoberfest like a 20-something local:

  • Classic Vans in True White (slip-on) – This is probably the most popular of all Oktoberfest shoes for women (of the non-traditional styles). It’s definitely the one you’ll see most often. And no, it doesn’t matter that Oktoberfest is after Labor Day. Germany = no Labor Day = no absurd fashion rules.
  • Era by Vans (lace-up) – Classic look from a classic brand, 5-star reviews from almost 900 people.
  • Kickstart by Keds – These classic white Keds are another great option if you’re not a Vans fan. *Gasps, but totally understands if they’re not for you*
  • Star by Taos Footwear – The sneaks I’ve been wearing with my dirndls lately are very similar to this popular pair. (And wow do people love this brand.)

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