What Jeans Does Monica Wear In Yellowstone

Monica has been slogging through the snow in Yellowstone, and it’s time to break out the skinny jeans. But which jeans does she wear? White,or plaid?

Yes, she mostly wears Denim jeans in the Yellowstone series. There are different types of jeans that are made from different materials. Denim is a twilled fabric usually colored blue from which jeans are made. Jeans are generally made from denim, and they have a lot of variations. 

What Boots Does Beth Dutton Wear


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What Boots Does Beth Dutton Wear

Simplicity is key, according to Monica Dutton, who has dressed celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock, and Renee Zellweger on the red carpet. “I try to avoid super-glamorous looks, even if it seems like the celebrity is up for it,” she said. “I focus on a beautiful fit and the most gorgeous fabric possible.”

What Types of Jeans Does Monica Long Dutton(Kelsey Asbille) Wear in Yellowstone? 

The show Yellowstone reveals Monica’s preferences in many seasons when she tells her ex-boyfriend that she bought a pair of designer jeans.Ezoic

There are many different types of jeans to choose from; they each come in various fits, washes, and lengths. You will find the three main kinds of jeans in most stores: denim jeans, boot cut jeans, ripped knee jeans, cowgirl jeans, and western jeans. The easiest way to tell the difference between the three kinds is by looking at the areas of the jeans that cover the upper legs. Let’s know about them deeply.

Monica Dutton with Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are typically highly durable and are often required to be made from 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. As such, you can expect that they will not stretch much or lose their shape over time, which many people enjoy due to the lower price of jeans that are not “pre-distressed.” 

Denim jeans are typically quite stiff upon purchase and require a day or two to break in (as with any new pair of pants), so you may want to consider this when choosing your size.

Monica Dutton with Ripped Knee Jeans

Levi’s 721 high-rises see Monica Dutton ripped jeans on Yellowstone season 3 episode 08 – “I killed a man today.” Levi’s 721 high rises ripped jeans 60% cotton, 22% viscose, 16% polyester, 2% elastane imported zipper closure machine wash.Ezoic

These skinny jeans come with a zipper closure high rise jeans for women: sits above the waist, slim through hip and thigh inseam for women’s high rise skinny jeans: 28″ short, 32″ long, 30″ medium.

Monica Dutton with Bootcut Jeans

The Jocelyn bootcut jean has a shorter rise than the classic bootcut. The rise measures 8″ on size 26. It is a good option for women who have a shorter torso and want a more modern, fitted look. The bootcut jeans are made with different washes and colors. You can wear it with a short top and pair it with high-heeled sandals.

Monica Dutton with Western Jeans

Western jeans are designed with a mid-rise, slim fit, and knee-high cut. This allows you to wear Western jeans with various trendy tops and the jacket in various mixed-match styles. The two side pockets on the thighs are slightly bigger than the two on the hips, and the back pocket is bigger than both. Like the zippered pockets on the front of the legs, the back pocket has a zipper.Ezoic

Monica Dutton with Cowgirl Jeans

 Cowgirl Jeans stand out from the competition with their high-quality denim, comfortable fit, and affordability. The brand offers jeans in various styles, from classic denim to fashion-forward flare. The wash of the jeans is unique and special. The fabric used for the Cowgirl jeans is high quality and keeps the jeans intact for a long time.Ezoic

Yellowstone Monica Dutton’s other outfits

As a long-time enthusiast of her work, I was so excited to see her in this series, and I was not disappointed. I was surprised to see her in a mix of modern and classic outfits. 

In this season, we see her in a mix of sleeveless looks, white blouses, and no-sleeves, plus a bunch of other great looks, but I don’t want to be a broken record, so let me give you a list of all the outfits I liked and you can check out the links.

Brown Fur Collar Anorak Jacket

Monica wears this jacket in Yellowstone season 2 episode 09 (Enemies by Monday). It has a longer length, and the hem lies straight down on the hips. This jacket is the new arrival in the winter collection. It will give you a casual and cool look, warm and fashionable to keep you comfortable. 

Wrangler Sundown Denim Jacket

She wears this denim jacket in episode 09, Yellowstone season 2 (Enemies by Monday). A two-way zipper, velcro tab closure, three outside pockets, and one inside pocket are featured in the Wrangler Sundown Jacket. 

Ribbed Robe

Monica is seen with a Gray Ribbed Robe by Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic on Yellowstone Season 4 ep 07 (Keep the Wolves Close). There are two types of joints in this robe. One is on the waist, and the other is on the neck. This gives the wearer flexibility while wearing the robe. The waist joint allows the wearer to adjust the robe according to comfort.

Ribbed Army Tank 

The Yellowstone season 3 ep 09 (Meaner than Evi) was seen with a Re/Done Ribbed Army Tank. The front has a similar pattern to the standard Ribbed tank. The tank features a crewneck, and the straps are not adjustable. It is available in both men’s and women’s sizes in black, yellow, and white.

Monica Suffers A Brain Injury In Season 1

In Yellowstone season 1, Monica is inflicted with a serious head injury after attempting to break up a fight between two boys at the school where she teaches. While recovering at home, she suddenly passes out and is rushed to the hospital, where she discovers that she has suffered an epidural hematoma. Monica undergoes surgery and attends physical therapy to start the healing process. But during that process, Monica and Kayce’s marriage worsened as she views the Dutton family’s way of life as dangerous and a huge threat to herself and their son, Tate (Brecken Merrill). The strong Yellowstone couple gets past these issues, but like Monica’s healing, it’s a process.

Monica Is Attacked In A Home Invasion In Season 4

Monica’s life is once again on the line in Yellowstone season 4, in which she and Tate are attacked by a masked home invader, who injures Monica. Right before the masked intruder is about to kill her, Tate quickly pulls out a rifle and kills the attacker, saving his mother’s life. Monica and Tate then quickly hide in the family bunkhouse where they remain until Kayce rushes back to make sure that they’re safe, ensuring them that everything will be alright. However, Tate is understandably left traumatized.

Monica Is In A Car Accident In Season 5

In Yellowstone season 5, Monica is pregnant with her and Kayce’s second child, and when she experiences severe cramps while Kayce is away, she starts driving herself and Tate to the hospital. However, because Monica is going so fast on a dark country road, she veers into the lane of an oncoming truck, swerving to avoid him and crashing into a buffalo who’s in the middle of the road. While Monica ends up surviving the car crash, her unborn son does not, and she and her family are devastated.

These near-death encounters have showcased Monica’s strength, as she’s a survivor in every sense of the word. At the same time though, one thing particularly frustrating about Monica’s character arc is that a lot of her stories simply involve her suffering, and it would be a welcome change if Sheridan gave her more to do aside from simply being a victim of death and violence.

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