What Is The Rarest Pet Wear In Adopt Me

The rarest pet in Roblox’s Adopt Me game is hands down the Monkey King. It is a limited Legendary tier pet that is impossible to obtain at this current point in time. Roblox is expected to release it or allow it to be adopted in the future.

In 2020, during the Roblox Monkey Fairground event, players were able to purchase Monkey boxes. The loot is random from these boxes, but can provide the items required to produce special edition monkey pets.

Without trading for them, it costs a minimum of 585 Robux to obtain the necessary items. A normal monkey and three Staff Ingredients were required, this usually meant spending much more Robux than the minimum amount.That is because a Staff Ingredient only had a 5% chance of being the loot gained from purchasing a Premium Monkey box so calling this Adopt Me Roblox pet ‘rare’ is an understatement.The Monkey King is a prime item of Roblox, it is a tanned yellow monkey clad in gold and red armor. It is inspired by the Chinese legend of Sun Wukong, with the mythical figure also wearing a golden crown with feathers coming out of it.

If players are lucky enough to obtain one in Roblox, they can get it with a Neon or Mega Neon appearance. The Neon Monkey King has its staff, helmet feathers, and sleeves all glowing a light blue color.The Mega Neon Monkey King, on the other hand, has its staff, helmet feathers, and sleeves fading back and forth between all of the colors of the rainbow.

Some Pet Wear Adopt Me Trading Values

Pet wear, sometimes called pet accessories, can be used to dress up your pet. Your pet can wear hats, wings, backpacks and other cool accessories. Pet wear values will depend on things like rarity and demand. Pet wear can be categorized into Legendary, Ultra Rare, Rare, Uncommon and Common rarity levels.Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

Pet WearNameRarityValueFrom
Santa HatUltra Rare300Santa Dog
Rainbow MakerLegendary200Accessory Chest
Monkey King CrownUltra Rare110Monkey Fairground
Nest of EggsLegendary110Accessory Chest
Sandwich HatLegendary110Accessory Chest
Toaster HatLegendary110Accessory Chest
Kitsune MaskRare100Monkey Fairground
Witch HatRare100Hat Shop
Elf HatRare90Elf Hedgehog
Elf Shrew
Golden Walrus CrownLegendary90Christmas Event 2021
Growing Flower HatLegendary90Gifts
Ice WingsUltra Rare80Christmas Event 2020
Blue Cat Ear HeadphonesUltra Rare70Hat Shop
Chicken HatRare70Hat Shop
magnifying-glassMagnifying GlassCommon65Scoob Event
Adventurer’s SwordUltra Rare60Robux
Bat WingsUltra Rare60Hat Shop
Black HightopsUltra Rare60Hat Shop
Buzz Off! SkateboardRare60Hat Shop
Fez HatUltra Rare60Monkey Fairground
Firey AuraRare60Hat Shop
HandheldRare60Pet Shop
Head TieRare60Monkey Fairground
Leaf WingsUltra Rare60Hat Shop

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