What Color Shoes To Wear With Apricot Dress

Let’s begin our suggestions list with Neutral color shoes and in our next blog, we will talk about Shoes To Wear With Cobalt Blue Dress and best choices you can make with it.

Neutral Color Shoes

Lis of the neutral color shoes that can be worn with a Apricot Dress:

Nude and Beige

Your apricot dress will look great with nude and beige shoes. They create a seamless, elongated look and let the dress be the focal point.


White shoes provide a crisp, clean contrast to an apricot dress. This color works well for daytime events, such as brunches or garden parties. In spite of this, it is advisable to tread carefully when wearing white shoes to formal occasions because they may appear too casual.



Black shoes offer a classic, timeless option that can add a refined touch to your apricot dress. While this color may seem too stark for some, black shoes can help ground your outfit and add a touch of elegance.

Metallic Color Shoes

Lis of the metallic color shoes that can be worn with an Apricot Dress:


Gold shoes are a glamorous choice for an apricot dress, adding a luxurious touch to your outfit. This metallic color complements the warm tones of the apricot, creating a harmonious and eye-catching combination.


Silver shoes bring a cool, modern touch to your apricot dress. This metallic color offers a stunning contrast, making your outfit more dynamic and interesting.

Rose Gold

Rose gold shoes blend the best of both worlds, offering the warmth of gold and the coolness of silver. They provide a subtle, stylish touch to your apricot dress without overpowering it.


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Pastel Color Shoes

Lis of the pastel color shoes that can be worn with an Apricot Dress:

Blush Pink

Blush pink shoes are a romantic, feminine choice for an apricot dress. This soft color complements the warmth of the apricot, creating a delicate and harmonious look.


Light Blue

Light blue shoes offer a fresh, airy contrast to an apricot dress. Spring and summer events call for this color, which adds a playful touch to your look.

Mint Green

Mint green shoes bring a cool, refreshing touch to your apricot dress. This pastel color offers a unique, unexpected contrast that’s sure to turn heads.

Color Shoes to go with Peach Dresses & Outfits

6 women wearing different color shoes with peach dress outfits.

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1. Nude Shoes with Peach Dress Outfits

3 women wearing different nude shoes with peach dress outfits.

Easily my favorite orange outfit & shoe color combo -especially with shorter dresses – is a nude shoe. Especially a minimal sandal or pointy toe pump.


That’s because a shoe color that matches your skin tone, whatever that may be, will be rendered almost invisible, elongating the legs. This also allow the colorful peach dress to speak for itself.

Wear a patent pair of nude shoes to add some sparkle, or choose a matte suede or leather pair to blend in nicely with your skin.

Can’t find an exact shoe color to match your skin? Clear sandals with transparent straps are an easy go-to for a trendy spin on the barely-there shoe.

Purse Styling Tip: Since the shoes are relatively undetectable, there’s a lot of choice! You can reach for a neutral purse – white, black, beige – or have fun with a metallic gold or colorful purse in navy or dark purple.

Match your jewel tone to any metallic you are wearing in your peach dress outfit.

Shop Nude Heels – Each Style is Available in Various Tones:

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Brown leather pointed toe pumps on white background.
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2. Beige or Blush Shoes with Peach Dresses

3 women wearing different beige and nude color shoes with peach dress outfits.

Another great option for shoes with a peach dress that remains relatively neutral, is a beige or blush shoe. These tones look fab on all skin colors and even dress colors! 


Dainty shoes in these shoe colors work best, like a strappy sandal, leather slide or pointed-toe sock bootie.

Purse Styling Tip: A gold or white purse is a good choice here. But you can add extra contrast with a small black clutch. Gold or rose gold jewelry will look stunning.

Shop Beige Shoes & Heels:

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3. White Shoes

3 women wearing different white color shoes with peach dress outfits.

White shoes look fresh with any dress color, and especially with peach dresses. Either a bright optic white or off-white shoe will go with a peach.

Great as a summer shoe in strappy sandal or mule form. But don’t forget that white ankle boots add a pop of fun to any coral dress outfit in the Fall/Winter too!

Purse Styling Tip: If your destination is more formal, opt for a silver or gold clutch. Otherwise, you can reach for a brown, beige or black purse.

Silver or gold tones in jewelry will work well for any of the above combinations.

Shop White Shoes & Heels:

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4. Gold & Silver Metallic Shoes with Peach

3 women wearing different gold and silver color shoes with peach dress outfits.

Metallic shoes style well with peach and any variation of the hue, such as salmon or coral. If your peach dress is more pink-ish, you can choose any metallic shade, but rose gold or simple gold are favorites. 


A peach dress and gold shoes make a fab combination. Gold is still a neutral & warm tone like the peach dress, but it’s festive and adds an extra element of interest to the peach outfit.

Worth noting that I’m a fan or gold anything – including gold dresses and why I have a whole post on shoes to wear with gold dress!

Silver shoes go with peach dresses and outfits. It will create more contrast because it is cooler in tone. Dark silver – aka pewter – shoes also look fabulous with peach dresses!

Purse Styling Tip: Choose a beige or matching gold purse with peach dress and gold shoes combos. Add gold jewels. With silver or pewter metallic shoes, opt for a black, white or matching silver clutch.

A pop of color such as a purple purse would also be fun if you’re feeling adventurous. Wear silver-toned jewelry – even some added sparkle with this peach dress mix.

Shop Gold Shoes & Heels:

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Shop Silver Shoes & Heels:

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5. Brown Shoes with Peach Dress

3 women wearing different tan and brown color shoes with peach dress outfits.

I chose brown as my 5th shoe color choice for a peach outfit, not only because it pairs well visually, but it is such a coveted accessory color at the moment. Especially in caramel and espresso hues!

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