What Are The Best Shoes To Wear After Hip Replacement

The most important feature of your shoe selection after hip replacement is the amount of comfort and support you get.  Your new hip needs proper support and cushion from your shoes to maximize your potential early on.

I strongly suggest walking or running shoes to all of my hip replacement patients when they are in this early rehab phase.  Wearing heels, flats, sandals or dress shoes in the first few months after hip replacement would be a poor choice as they will not provide enough cushioning and support.

You may own expensive ‘comfortable’ sandals which could possibly provide some support however most sandals do not provide the heel and lateral support your hip replacement will need.  For this reason I would not recommend any sandals early on after THR.

What’s Different Between Hip and Knee Replacement Shoe Selection?

This is a great question and while there’s not a whole lot of difference in the shoe requirements between hip and knee replacements, there is 1 major feature difference.  Hip replacement patients should NOT get shoes with extreme traction such as hiking or climbing shoes.  

This is so you can avoid twisting or pivoting on your leg to avoid possible hip dislocation. Knee replacement patients need not worry about shoe wear choice in terms of damage to the new joint.

Do I Need to Get New Shoes After My Hip Replacement?

If you have fairly new normal walking or running shoes that provide support and cushion, you do not need to buy a new pair of shoes.  Your current shoes will be just fine after your hip replacement surgery.

However, if you are in need of a new pair of shoes or just want to start fresh, it can be confusing to figure out which pair to choose.  To make your decision easier I will recommend 6 pairs of shoes for both women and men that will work to give you great comfort and support. 


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The following recommendations have been gathered after years of experience with my patients who have had hip replacements.  No I have not tested all of these shoes myself as I have not have a hip replacement but I feel extremely comfortable recommending these shoes to you.

Feel free to purchase these shoes anywhere online or in store that you can find them.  There is no need to use the provided links.  Those with wide feet or those in need of increased arch support please make sure to choose the shoe that fits your individual foot. 

Best Slip On Shoes After Hip Replacement – Unisex

1. Kizik The Madrid Eco-Knit Slip-On Sneakers  

Why Kizik After Hip Replacement?

Kizik walking shoes are my #1 choice of shoe after hip replacement for one HUGE feature: They are designed to slip on and off easily, WITHOUT BENDING FORWARD, staying within your hip precautions.  The rebound heel design of Kizik shoes allows you to keep the shoe laces tied and slip into and out of the shoes effortlessly.  


Kizik shoes also provide excellent cushioning and support with their F.A.S.T. technology design.  In addition, The Madrid shoes have a 4.4 out of 5 star rating Amazon with over 2400 ratings.

Where to Get?  You can get on Amazon and also on the Kizik website at roughly the same price point.  

Additional Information:  Kizik The Madrid shoes use fabric mesh made from 100% recycled water bottles.  The mesh fabric will provide additional stretch capability for possible foot swelling after your hip replacement.

Bottom Line: After your new hip replacement, the Kizik Madrid shoes will give you excellent support with its lightweight design.  Most importantly, your hip precautions will be maintained with their easy slip in rebound heel design.

2. Kizik The Prague Slip-On Sneaker 

Why? As discussed above Kizik shoes are extremely easy to get on with their rebound heel design after hip replacement.  The Prague shoe has special ‘Rabbit Foam’ signature outsoles that provide an additional layer of comfort and cushioning.

Where to Get?  Amazon and Kizik website

Bottom Line: The Kizik Prague shoes add an additional layer of foam support cushioning (Rabbit Foam) for an extra $10.  Designed tone lightweight and accommodating, these Kizik shoes will provide you excellent support for your new hip.  Plus, they are NOT too traction based to make hip precaution maintenance much easier.

2 Best Women’s Shoes After Total Hip Replacement

1. New Balance Women’s DRFT V1 Running Shoe –

Why New Balance DRFT?  New Balance shoes are widely regarded as one of the most versatile running and walking shoes available.  The DRFT Shoe has ACTEVA midsole cushioning which provides additional support you will benefit from with your hip replacement.  Most importantly, the soles are supportive but not too tractioned so you can maintain your hip precautions easier.

Where to Get?  Amazon, Kohl’s and New Balance website.  The New Balance DRFT shoes have a 4.5 star out of 5 rating Amazon with over 5300 ratings.

Bottom Line:  The New Balance DRFT Shoes are an affordable supportive shoe that will serve you well with your new hip replacement.  My favorite women’s running/waliking shoe after hip replacement.

2.  Saucony Integrity Walker 3 Walking Shoes –

Why Saucony?  Saucony has been a manufacturer one of the most popular walking shoes and a choice of many experienced athletes worldwide.  The Integrity Walk 3 Walking Shoes provide a non-slip surface but in a supportive, comfortable design to help in your hip recovery.

By providing this additional anti-slip support, you will be able to more comfortably walk outside of the home in all manners.  Slopes and unsteady areas such as grass and gravel can put extra stress on your hip so having .

Where to Get?  Amazon, Zappos and Saucony websites

Bottom Line: A reliable comfortable women’s all purpose walking shoe after hip replacement surgery.  

What type of shoes may I wear after total hip replacement surgery?

The best type of shoe to wear after total hip or total knee surgery is one with a low, wide heel. A shoe with good shock absorption is preferred, such as the S.A.S. brand or a tennis shoe. Dress shoes should have a wide heel (no spikes) and not be higher than 2 inches. The higher the heel the more it alters the weight-bearing forces on the joints, causing pain and wear on the joints.

Please tell me why some people have a very stiff leg for about a week after a total hip replacement, while others have no problems at all?

Some patients will have stiffness following a total hip replacement, which may last even longer than a week. This depends on the type of underlying disease for which the joint was replaced and it sometimes depends upon what was done at the time of hip replacement. Some patients, such as those with ankylosing spondylitis or severe osteoarthritis who have long-term stiffness or contractures, will tend to have more stiffness in the early postoperative period. Also, in patients who need lengthening of the operated side, many times the tissues are stretched. This causes a feeling of stiffness until the scar tissues stretches. It is also somewhat dependent upon the amount of swelling of the tissues in the postoperative period. This has to do with the fragility of the blood vessels and the operative technique. Fortunately for hip replacement surgery, even though there is a period of stiffness, many times this resolves with exercises. Should a small amount of motion not be regained, this is rarely limiting in everyday activities.

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