Mens Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans

Here are different types of shoes that I think look great with skinny jeans. Each of the outfits shows off the shoes in a different way and I’ve explained why I think it works. Use the images as inspiration for your own fits.

1. Smart Shoes

Skinny Jeans Smart Shoes
Photo by Zahir Namane on Unsplash

Dress up your skinny jeans by pairing them with smart shoes. Brown is a classic color that always looks good, while black can help your outfit really stand out. While most shoes will do the job, consider going for a rounder, chunkier pair for an up-to-date look. Keep your shoes polished and in tip-top condition. You could even consider a patent pair for a look that will really stand out. Avoid pointy toes unless you want to look like you’re in a noughties indie band, which—to be fair—perhaps you do.

Is it ok to wear shoes with jeans?

Wearing dress shoes with jeans can work as long as you take care with the rest of your outfit. It’s easiest to get right if you choose dark jeans without much fading and dress shoes that aren’t super formal. The good news is that skinny jeans are a great choice for wearing with shoes due to the more tailored fit.

2. Canvas Shoes

skinny Jeans Canvas Shoes
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Canvas shoes and skinny jeans is perhaps the ultimate combination. Canvas sneakers are much more casual than dress shoes, but still have a minimalist, slimmed-down silhouette. Vans Old Skool (pictured) are probably my favorite canvas shoes to wear with skinny jeans, while high-top Converse are another classic. In reality, most brands nowadays make canvas shoes so it shouldn’t be hard to find a pair you like.

3. Chelsea Boots

Skinny Jeans Chelsea Boots
Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

If you really want to make a statement, paring Chelsea boots with skinny jeans is definitely the way to go. A black pair will go amazingly well with black or indigo jeans, while brown leather or even suede is a good alternative option.

Classic Chelsea boots will always look great, but you can up the stakes a little this year by choosing some with an angular sole or even going for Cuban-style boots with a higher heel.

The Boardwalk Style Tips

While black leather Chelsea boots are very dressy, choosing a suede pair results in a more casual look (like in the image). Choosing a chunkier pair rather than a slimline pair will also typically result in a more casual fit.

4. Dessert Boots

Skinny Jeans Desert Boots

Dessert boots are more casual than Chelseas, but still look great with skinny jeans. You can get them in a variety of colors. I have a black leather pair and a slightly more casual grey suede pair. These are super comfy shoes that you could wear all day long. Chukka boots will do a very similar job.

5. Minimalist Sneakers

Skinny Jeans Minimalist Sneakers
Photo by George Van Gosh on Unsplash

At the moment, it feels like sneakers can of two ways: super loud and over the top, or really pared back and minimal. I like to pair my skinny jeans with more minimal styles. Think all white or white with beige soles. A thinner, sleeker profile will complement the slimmer fit of the jeans and help avoid your feet looking too big and bulky. Finish the look off with a plain t-shirt for a simple look that works every time.

6. Work Boots

The style of work boots is similar to, but not identical to, construction boots. They are generally made from stiff leather material, resembling military-style boots. The work boots with skinny male jeans are great footwear for the winter. This shoe’s style is trendy and can easily be worn both casually and professionally, particularly when you need to get around in the cold. 

7. Loafers (and Boat Shoes)

The loafers (and boat shoes) with skinny male jeans are another excellent choice for men who want to wear something that looks more casual than dress shoes. They are typically made out of leather and come in a variety of shoe styles. The loafers (and boat shoes) with skinny male jeans are very versatile and can be worn on many occasions, including funerals, weddings, or even weekends. This is one of the most common types of footwear that you will find in terms of American brands.

8. Brown/Black Casual Boots

Casual boots can be divided into two main types: ankle boots and mid-calf boots. The brown/black casual boots with skinny male jeans are perfect for any new year’s eve or birthday party. The brown/black casual boots with skinny male jeans are one of the more popular types of footwear that you will find in leather made of cowhide leather or suede leather. 

For a timeless and versatile look, pair your skinny jeans with brown or black casual boots. Brown boots add a rustic and earthy feel to your outfit, while black boots provide a sleek and edgier touch. You can take a look at what to wear with brown boots or outfits with black shoes for inspiration.

9. Spider Boat Shoes 

Spider boat shoes are sailing shoes with a strap around the mid-foot to hold the laces tight for slip-on/off wear. 

The spider boat shoes with skinny male jeans are a popular choice for people who wear this type of footwear with the skinny jeans they already own. The spider boat shoes with skinny male jeans can come in various colors and styles ranging from leather to suede leather and even Spiderman’s Web Stripe and many Spiderman-inspired styles.

10. Black Laceless Western Shoes

The combination of jeans and western shoes is no longer strange to young people, and when it comes to the style of western shoes and jeans, most men will surely love them, even already owning them in their wardrobes.

Shiny black leather shoes are a favorite item of young people; this product line helps to highlight the sophistication, power, and strength of men. Moreover, shoes and jeans like this also make it easy for men to move.

Black Laceless Western Shoes match remarkably well with skinny jeans for men. These shoes are comfortable and you can rock them with confidence for an effortlessly cool look. For more options when it comes to western boots, check out Tony Lama Boots and Nocona Boots.

11. Casual Loafers 

Casual loafers were recommended for wear with skinny male jeans. Men can wear them with a white shirt or pair them with an Oxford blue dress shirt for a more dressed-up effect. They’ll help you look like you’ve put effort into your outfit while also complementing the style of your jeans. When choosing a pair, go for a pair in an eye-catching color.

12. Trainers 

Men’s trainers with dark jeans and shirts highlight your personality and unique look for your fashion outfit. It would help if you chose an outfit with a contrasting color to the shoes to create a highlight for the set. The layout helps you get a dusty, modern look and is still very current and not out of fashion. This outfit you can wear to work or go out is very suitable, elegant, and well-organized, but mixed with a bit of masculine dust.

Elevate your skinny jeans outfit with a trendy pair of trainers, which not only look stylish but also offer comfort and support. Check out these beautiful Peloton trainers that are perfect for everyday wear or workouts. Pair them with a simple tee and your favorite skinny jeans for a casual and athletic look.

13. Classic Sneakers 

You can also combine dark jeans with slim or slim-fit designs combined with men’s sneakers to bring something slim and elegant for men of any age. Men’s sneakers bring a modern, comfortable, and dynamic look and are easy to combine or coordinate with other outfits. The simple t-shirt and jeans quickly become more fashionable and perfect.

14. Brogue Shoes

Gentleman’s brogues are elegant footwear with origins in the Victorian era. Louboutins go with everything, whether you wear them with jeans when you want to dress down or can also be an elegant addition to a formal ensemble. To become a more polished look than your trainers – and if you want something that’s still quite casual – then brogues would be perfect. These shoes are often worn with suits but can also be worn with jeans and other casual items.

15. Plimsolls 

The Plimsoll is a sports shoe with a canvas upper and rubber sole originally developed as beachwear. Pumps have solid rubber soles about 8 or 9 mm thick, used to glue the canvas without breaking the sides. Tight jeans can be paired with plimsolls for a sporty look. You can choose plimsolls shoes in a variety of colors.

If you want a sneaker that is comfortable, lightweight, and versatile to wear with skinny jeans, types of sneakers that you can choose are plimsolls. These sneakers have a low profile, slip-on design, and a canvas upper, giving them a timeless style that works well with skinny jeans.

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