Colors To Wear In August

These and many more puzzles will be solved in the style guide below on what are the best colors to wear in summers and how you can pair these up in various ways. But when in doubt or hurry, cut the guide, just stick to neutral colors in the meantime.


White Outfit Summer Color

Whether bright white, pale white, off white or more, white shall always be the top among the best colors for summer clothes. Why because white outfits reflects the maximum heat to give you that ultimate comfort and breathability in the scorching heat. Plus, it is also easy on the eyes of the admirer. And most importantly can be paired with any color under the Sun.


Pink Summer Colors For Men

Shades of pink are no longer considered girlish, rather these compliment as summer colors clothes in both fair and deeper skin tones. Also since these can be paired with both light or darker shades, so you can pick not only a top in Pink but also a bottom!


Yellow Outfit Summer Color For Men

Shades or yellow are always the most sought after, post white when it comes to picking the best colors to wear in hot weather. Pair it up with deep green, navy or black and it will help you outshine the Sun! But a word of caution for men with light skin tone, you might need some tan to don a bright yellow!

4. RED

Red Summer Color Outfit

Though men try to avoid this color, but when worn with sand hues or light greens, its truly is the amid the colors to wear in summer, but towards the fag end of summer, not the raging one. Word of caution here is that it must go with your skin tone. So pick wisely.


Orange Summer Color Outfit

Orange is the new black, whether it is the best colors for summer clothes or any other. It crept into the fashion world in the millennial years and has only intensified its rage over the time. The best idea is to pair it with Khaki, Sand or such lighter tones to enhance those summer looks for men.

Color of the Month: August

& the color of the month is . CORAL!

So if you read Monday’s blog post you know that I was all about blue for July, whether I liked it or not. For August we’re featuring Coral so today I’m going to tell you why and what to expect this month.

I’ll be returning to my usual methods of featuring the color of the month, instead of the sneaky secret way I did in July, so get ready for a bunch of Coral craziness coming atcha!

Why So Specific? – so I’ve kind of done all the colors, all at least all the ones I care about. We’ve covered Red (January), Pink (February), Yellow (March), Lilac (April), Green (May), Orange (June) & Blue (July), so instead of choosing purple since I already did lilac, or another broad color I’m going to start getting more specific with each hue and pick shades instead of just broad color categories. Will this be more challenging? OH YES but HEY I’m up for it. So far this year I’ve tackled two of my least favorite colors and conquered them, actually kind of converting me into a lilac or blue lover along the way. So I’m reading to go into the second half of the year kicking things up a notch.

& Why Coral? – I was looking into colors that are having or were predicted to have a major moment this season, and coral was one that stood out to me. It’s really shining in the design world since it was a top fashion color a few years back and home decor follows fashion. I liked that it was a good color for august, its bold and bright enough to feel like summer but also a little more sophisticated than yellow, orange or pink so it helps you transition into pre-fall. I also liked that its a challenge, and something I don’t always shop for!

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