Breast Separator Bra For Sleeping

Maybe you don’t know, but it’s when you sleep that your décolleté is most at risk of getting creases. When lying on your side, one breast is often on top of the other, resulting in unwanted wrinkles while sleeping. If you lie on your stomach, the same effect occurs with the pressure of your breasts against the mattress.

That’s why Colotop was created: a top made of high-quality material and featuring a Memory Foam breast separator. Colotop is innovative, functional and super comfortable to wear while sleeping.

The Colotop is intended to assist with the prevention of sleep lines.

It also may alleviate discomfort, caused by the swelling of the breasts in the premenstrual or pregnancy period.

The Colotop provides sleeping comfort for women with breast implants and is helpful for post-operative symmastia.

How does Pillow Bra work?

Pillow Bra is designed to adapt to any female torso, filling the space between the breasts and not separating them, in order to avoid not only the wrinkles that arise when they come together, but also the wrinkles caused by the use of elements not specifically designed for that zone and posture.

Until now women who wished to avoid or delay the formation of wrinkles in their cleavage area have intuitively tried to look for their own solutions: seeking more suitable positions when resting, (E.g.: sleeping face-up, or separating the breasts by placing pillows or cushions between them, etc.) None of these solutions are complete and definitive. First, these solutions produce great discomfort in the lumbar area after several hours in the same position. Secondly, the use of inadequate or oversized pillows can create excessive space between the breasts which may make things worse and produce more wrinkles in the area when the aim is to avoid them. Furthermore, one sleeps trying to hold he pillow or cushion in place, but since it is not fixed, it slips with every movement during the night.

Pillow Bra´s special design incorporates a central pad, created in order to completely fill the space between the breasts, thus avoiding their displacement and movement during sleep and in other resting positions. It also benefits from the specially designed cups protecting against sudden movements and stretching. Furthermore, by preventing the breasts sliding over each other, we avoid the neckline skin being stretched and the consequent formation of wrinkles.

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