Best Shirts To Wear After Rotator Cuff Surgery

While your body heals from surgeries such as a rotator cuff repair, you might not be able to move it, and dressing after shoulder surgery might be challenging.

This post will provide details about how to dress and undress safely following shoulder surgery or injury requiring the immobilization of the shoulder joint. We’ll talk about equipment, techniques, and safety considerations to maximize your independence with the dressing process!


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Following shoulder surgery and in the more complex cases of complete shoulder replacement and rotator cuff repair, loose-fitting shirts are recommended. The preferred is a normal-sized shirt that does not require the use of buttons or two hands to get dressed and undressed. Your shoulder surgery shirt should be one less thing you need to worry

Shoulder Surgery Shirts

The shoulder zipper is essential for icing, bandage changes, doctors visits, and physical therapy. But what if you’re wearing a sling? No worries – Reboundwear’s innovative shoulder surgery shirts can be zipped around your body and your sling painlessly.

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What To Wear After Shoulder Surgery

Let’s start with something that will make dressing after shoulder surgery much easier…what to wear after shoulder surgery. Loose, stretchy, comfortable clothing will be the key when dressing after shoulder surgery. This advice may seem simple, but you would be amazed how often we overlook these simple things. You may want to take a look through your closet and see if that favorite shirt of yours is actually loose-fitting.

Don’t forget to check different articles as well. Even things like socks are essential to think about when recovering from shoulder surgery. All forms of clothing should be loose-fitting, have a few buttons/zips/snaps, and have elastic. Planning to wear this type of clothing up-front will make the energy and time required for getting dressed after should surgery much less.

What To Wear If You Cannot Remove Your Arm From Sling

If a physician tells you that you are not allowed to remove a sling, removing your clothes will be very difficult, but not impossible.

In these cases, you might consider buying modified clothing.

An example of modified clothing. This shirt has shoulders that can be opened to make removing it easier.

Modified clothes, such as the example above, will have an open shoulder that will allow you to dress without ever removing the sling from your body. While still not a wide selection, modified clothes are available from online shops like Amazon and makers on Etsy. I have known some people to make or modify their own clothing as well.

Equipment Needed For Dressing After Shoulder Surgery

Aside from clothing, there are a few pieces of equipment that can be helpful in getting dressed after shoulder surgery. For most people, the most helpful tool is a dressing stick. If you know me, you know I love the Juvo dressing stick. Among its many delightful details, I love that it has a shoe horn on one end as well as a hook with sticky rubber on the other end.

The Juvo Dressing is a popular dressing stick option and probably my favorite.

But the Juvo is not the only dressing stick in this category. There’s another dressing stick option that is more like a wooden dowel with a rubber grips at one end.

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