Best Pants To Wear With Nike Blazers

Although the shoe was brought into the fashion world almost fifty years ago, the sneakers have remained timeless since then. 

Unlike most shoe designs, the Nike Blazer has been reinvented many times over the decades.

It is constantly being fabricated with new materials, like suede or leather. Over the years, the shoe has been designed in a variety of prints, colors, and graphics. 

You may have seen people painting their own artwork on their Blazers or selling them online to consumers. The playful designs contrast with the clean, minimalist base of the sneaker.

The shoe has become a canvas for many to express their individuality. It’s a way for people to showcase how to wear Nike Blazers to reflect their personal style. 

Athletic in design, the shoe fits perfectly in the wardrobes of those with a variety of personal styles. With Nike releasing constant renditions of the pioneer sneaker, we can guarantee they won’t be walking out of the fashion world anytime soon. 

History Of Nike Blazers

The Nike Blazer was the third shoe ever released by athletic clothing company Nike in 1973. During its launch, the initial purpose of the sneaker was to be a reliable basketball shoe to compete with its Converse and Puma counterparts. 

The shoe caught fans’ attention when NBA player George Gervin debuted them on the court.

The shoe was named after the NBA team Portland Trail Blazers. This team is still active in Oregon, where the company originated from. 

Last year, in celebration of their 75th anniversary, the team and sporting brand released a diamond edition of the shoe.

The Nike Blazer Mid featured white, black, and red color blocks. The design of the shoe was meant to honor and reflect the ‘70s decade—the timeframe when the shoe gained its hype. 

The upper half of the shoe was made from leather, the tongue was nylon, and the midsole was fabricated from rubber. Today, the shoes can be fabricated from suede or canvas too. Nike Blazers also come in different cuts, including high and low tops. 

After almost 50 years of existence, the Nike Blazers still walk the streets to this day. And we don’t expect them to be forgotten any time soon. So, if you’re thinking about buying a pair, it’s best to learn how to wear Nike Blazers. 

When To Wear Nike Blazers

What’s the biggest bonus of these shoes? They’ll suit almost every occasion and style preference.

Also, the array of colors and designs available give you the opportunity to dress the sneakers up or down depending on the vibe of the day or night. 

For example, a clean-looking all-white pair goes well with dress pants and a feminine blouse. You could also achieve the girl-next-door style by wearing a crisp pair with a sundress.

Plus, the Nike Blazers can be worn with loungewear and casual styles, including loose jeans, hoodies, or sweatpants. These sneakers will add an urban edge to any outfit.  

And if you purchase a pair with a bold color or funky print, the sneakers can be the focal point of your outfit.

Alternatively, you can choose a more neutral design if you’d prefer simple footwear that you can grab before walking out the door every day.

Since the shoes are usually made of leather, they’ll insulate your feet somewhat during cooler weather—especially with the help of thicker socks.

However, we don’t recommend wearing these sneakers in snowy or icy conditions. But, if you live in an area that experiences all four seasons, the Blazers will be able to handle most of them with proper care. 

How To Wear Nike Blazers

By now, you might be thinking about how to wear Nike Blazers. If outfit ideas are running through your mind, you’ll be happy to know that the options are endless. You can wear these timeless shoes with jeans, sweats, shorts, skirts, and even dresses. 

If your wardrobe mostly features casual wear and you’re looking to elevate your everyday style, a pair of basic white or black Nike Blazers will match almost anything in your closet.

When it comes to fashion, if you’re known to step outside the box, there are plenty of edgy colors and playful prints to choose from. So you can choose a pair that suits your trendsetter lifestyle and matches your vibrant clothing. 

Here’s our number one tip: when learning how to wear Nike Blazers there really are no style guidelines at all. That’s because the classic design should not be limited.

Plus, just like the shoe itself, the designs and styling options are always evolving in the fashion world. 

Instead of us telling you how to wear your sneakers, we’ll show you a handful of outfits with Nike Blazers.

These looks are tailored to a broad range of styles and tastes. So get comfortable and kick up your feet—soon you’ll be racing to the mall to get your hands on a pair. 

If you go to any gym, you’ll spot a couple pairs of Nike Blazer’s, that’s because they make the perfect gym shoe. They have a flat sole, so they’re perfect for lifting heavy weights, they look great in short shorts, which is what a lot of guys are wearing right now.

Besides the gym they look amazing in pretty much every casual outfit, from baggy jeans to cargos, you can pull off an amazing street style with Nike Blazers. Take a look at some of the outfits below.

Nike Blazer Outfits

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