Best Pants To Wear With Jordan 1

What pants go with jordan 1? In this article, I will tell you about the best pants that you can wear with Jordan 1s. If you are looking for best pants to wear with Jordan 1s, I highly recommend you to read this article.

You might have seen the latest Air Jordan 1 ‘Banned’ sneaker by now. It’s truly one of the freshest sneakers to hit the market because its design is unique, and features a white base with elephant print texture. What’s special about this sneaker is that it didn’t come from Nike or Jordan brand, but from artist and designer Tinker Hatfield. It was first released in 1985 and sold for $65.

Among young people, one of the most well-liked brands is the Jordan Brand. It is a company with a reputation for excellence and dependability. In the clothes and shoe industries, the Jordan brand has been a trendsetter for a very long time. Joggers, jeans, sweatpants, and so many other styles of pants are available today and can be worn with Jordans. You need to be able to find the best pants to wear with jordan 1 with various kinds of pants.

You’ll discover that some jeans look fantastic with your Jordans and others don’t. When selecting the ideal pair of pants to go with your Jordans, there are a few aspects to keep in mind, including their color, style, length, and fabric composition. If you’re seeking for advice on how to style your Jordans with various types of pants, keep reading because we have some fantastic insights on how how to wear pants with jordan 1!

Best Pants To Wear With Jordan 1

Let’s discuss some styling advice for the various Jordan 1 models now that you are more familiar with each one. You may construct the ideal fit with the help of these suggestions, wowing both your mum and your friends.

Function versus fashion

Fashion vs. function is the first consideration when selecting your fit and styling your Jordans. Would you prefer to wear something that might not be as fashionable but is more comfortable? Or would you rather forgo comfort in favor of style?

You can never go wrong with some Nike Tech Fleece for a more comfortable fit. Your Jordan 1s will look fantastic paired with a matching pair of sweatpants and hoodie.

Choose some stylish cargo pants if comfort is less of a concern. I prefer these from Carhartt, but you can find some good cargos to pair with your Jordans for less money at the thrift store.

Select your Colors.

The color is another factor to take into account when dressing your Jordan 1s. Make sure the ensemble you’re creating around your shoe matches the tones of your Jordans. This is why I usually advise choosing your shoes first, followed by matching clothing.

The secret to choosing colors successfully is to be subtle. You don’t have to stick to wearing red and black if you’re wearing red and black Jordan 1s. To complete your look, try a white shirt with discreet red elements or add a red item like a snapback.

Formal and informal

One frequently forgotten pairing for your Jordan 1s is a dressy ensemble like a suit, dress, or tuxedo. Yes, sporting a pair of classic basketball sneakers with a formal fit is more than acceptable in society. Adding some flair to your wardrobe is simple with a pair of Jordan 1s in patent leather.

What pants go with jordan 1

Lace swap to Make a Statement.
There are many Air Jordan 1s being worn these days, despite the fact that most people prefer to wear the laces that come pre-laced in their sneakers. Perhaps you’re trying to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps the purple laces on the “Royal” 1s appeal to you because they resemble the tarnished blue laces on a pair of ’85s. Perhaps you should completely step beyond the norm and add some orange laces to your pair of “Shadow” 1 shoes. Do your new “Neutral Grey” 1s need a splash of color? Lace is a simple and versatile way to accomplish that. Some individuals think it’s inappropriate, but hey, they’re your shoes. Use them whatever you wish. Numerous websites, such Laced Up and Rope Lace Supply, are plenty with possibilities that won’t cost you more than $10 to $20.

Put On Some Tapered Pants To Show Them Off.

This is something that many sneakerheads take for granted, yet it still has to be stated. Your fit depends on your choice of pants. Too tight, and your feet will resemble boats. If you’re too baggy, Michael Jordan might be the result. A tapered pant that sits just exactly on the top of the tongue is the ideal medium. You simply want to be able to put your shoes on. You could need new pants if you have to constantly adjust them to ensure that they fall properly. The best-looking denim typically has a slight stack, but you don’t want too much extra length. It will overbundle and appear as shown. We do not desire that. Still acceptable, but only if you’re wearing sweatpants are elastic cuffs. At this point, you might want to keep your khaki and denim joggers in the closet.

Don’t be hesitant to wear them with baggy pants as well.

No, we’re not referring to shabby #NTDenim. This is not a recommendation to head to Target and purchase a pair of Wrangler boot cuts to finish the look. However, there are a ton of fashionable baggy options available, particularly now that the baggy trend appears to be totally back in style. The best part is that this is also quite reasonably priced. You may easily score a pair of black, khaki, or generic army surplus cargo trousers for under $40. Slouchy pants like the ones Virgil Abloh wore to the 2017 Met Gala would work if you’re feeling particularly daring. Just trust us if you’re still on the fence regarding baggier-fitting pants. You’ll understand if you give it a try. The truth is that roomier pants are simply more comfortable. It is worthwhile.

Putting On Shorts? Choose the Proper Socks.

Some individuals dress in pants all year long. However, many of us just cannot afford to go outside in the heat without wearing shorts. If you belong to the latter group, you are aware that the right socks are an important component of the puzzle. Particularly with Air Jordan 1s, this is true. Don’t give it too much thought. Here, standard Nike crew socks in black or white will do. Find some pairs with no logo at all, if possible. Avoid going overboard if you want to wear something a little more distinctive. You still desire that the kicks steal the stage, right? The only socks-related DOs and DON’Ts that are indisputable are: wearing socks with the emblem of another company and showing your ankles. Wearing no-show socks with high-tops is one of the silliest looks there is. When it comes to shorts, we suggest something straightforward like a black pair that ends just above the knee and is made of mesh or nylon, but feel free to experiment.

Best pants to wear with jordan 1

To make your Jordan shoes pop, dress in muted hues. You can’t go wrong with an all-black or all-white attire because your Jordan 1s are the center of attention. Your sneakers will sparkle like Michael Jordan on the basketball court as long as your attire is unassuming and carefree.

How to wear sweatpants and Jordan 1s
The bulk of Jordan owners choose to wear sweatpants and tapered pants. Tapered pants are ideal for showcasing the complete shoe, which is something sneakerheads love to do.

How to wear Nike Air Jordans with jeans
The finest pants to pair with Jordan 1 shoes are denim jeans with a small amount of slack. It gives the most adaptable appearance in a contemporary streetwear style. Additionally, it makes it possible to display the whole pair of Jordan 1s without anything obstructing the upper range.

Jordan 1s go well with both khakis and black pants. The style of pants you wear is less significant as long as they fit properly.

the best way to wear Jordan 1s with shorts
If you decide to wear shorts with your Jordan 1s, your socks are actually the most important part of your ensemble.

To go with your shorts, classic crew socks in white or black are ideal. This is due to the fact that you still want your drugs to steal the show.

Specific attire featuring Jordan 1
Let’s talk about a couple unique clothing styling combinations for the Air Jordan 1:

logo tee and solid-colored cargo jeans
Nike track jacket, white t-shirt, and sweatpants
cargo pants and a hooded gray shirt
black sweatshirt and jeans
White t-shirt, flannel shirt, and tapered denim jeans

How to wear pants with jordan 1

Why not style your traditional streetwear with your Air Jordan 1 if you want a straightforward yet effective fit? Streetwear fits great and pair wonderfully with Nike Air Jordan 1s due to the casual style of the shoe. It is simple to pull off and appropriate for a range of events. For a collegiate streetwear appearance, we suggest wearing your chosen Air Jordan 1s with a cargo pant, a plain T-shirt for layering, and a varsity jacket on top.

Choose workwear rather than streetwear to change up this outfit. You may create a stylish everyday ensemble by donning a pair of straight-leg jeans or carpenter pants and a vintage work jacket from a company like Carhartt or Dickies.

A touch of high fashion
The Jordan 1 is not limited to retro or athletic attire just because it is a vintage basketball shoe. Why not rock your Js with some high fashion or contemporary looks? We’ve seen folks wear Js with suits and formal attire.

Here's How People Are Styling The Travis Scott x AJ1 - Sneaker Freaker

The Jordan 1 is a timeless sneaker that we all know and adore, much like the Air Force 1 or the Nike Blazer. This allows you to somewhat push the limits and wear them with some unconventional “fits.” You can wear them with tailored trousers for a completely different vibe rather than just wearing them with jeans or sweatpants.

Decide on a cropped pant.
Showing them out completely is the best way to properly flex your Jordan 1s in an ensemble. This looks fantastic when worn with a pair of high-top Js to show off the entire shoe. Let’s face it, you’re going to want to flaunt your high-heat Jordan 1s, whether they’re in the UNC colorway or a collaborative pair!

To round off this style, combine them with a pair of shorts, some thin joggers, or some cropped jeans.

Individual Style
The greatest method to style Jordan 1s is to wear them in a way that makes you feel comfortable. If you prefer wearing joggers than jeans, go for it! When it comes to wearing your Nike Jordan 1s, there are no rules (but maybe avoid the adidas socks).

Customization is one method to really showcase your unique sense of style. Change the laces, wear them with some tie-dye socks, or give them a little more use.

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