Best Pants To Wear With Cowboy Boots

What are the best dress pants to wear with cowboy boots? If you’re a blog or website owner, or your job requires you to dress up at least occasionally, this is a question that you have probably asked yourself.

The leather cowboy boot is an iconic footwear item in the western world and an important staple item for every man with a pulse. But when it comes to wearing it, what you put on your lower body is equally important. And pants are key when considering the right style to wear with your boot. Whether you are skinny jeans or chino pants guy, you want to accentuate the positives of your legs while reducing all distracting factors. And how do you do that? By learning what jeans go best with cowboy boots, looking at their cut and color as well as their specific features and deciding if they’re worth buying.

Both jeans and cowboy boots have developed to come in a huge variety of styles, shapes, washes, and colors. There are several options, including formal boots, work boots, straight-leg jeans, and boot-cut jeans. However, putting together the ideal outfit with jeans and cowboy boots is as simple as knowing a few fashion fundamentals and using your own taste. How do you pair jeans with cowboy boots? As a general rule, we advise layering your boots with medium- to dark-wash jeans (not tucked in). Although the lower leg should have some room to support the boot without showing through, the upper legs of the jeans should be very form-fitting. We’ll go over how to choose the ideal length, cut, and how to wear cowboy boots with jeans female.

Best Pants To Wear With Cowboy Boots

Find the proper fit while selecting a pair of jeans to go with your cowboy boots. The pants should be long enough to cover the shaft of the boots and shield your legs from harm, but not so long that they drag behind you or become tangled under your heel. Ideally, they should protrude between a quarter and a half inch above the heel of your cowboy boots. Have the hem of your jeans sit directly above the instep of your cowboy boots if you wish to wear shorter ones to highlight your shoes.

The Ideal Pant Shapes for Western Boots
You can’t ignore the cut while discussing how to pair cowboy boots with jeans. The following are the ideal pant cuts to match your cowboy boots:

Boot-Cut – Like peanut butter and jelly, boot-cut jeans and cowboy boots go well together. Boots can be worn with the flared legs without them bunching up around your legs.
Regular/Straight Leg – Regular and straight-leg jeans go well with cowboy boots, though putting on your boots may be a little challenging because you’ll need to roll up your jeans in order to put them on, then roll the jeans back over the boots.Wide/Relaxed Fit: Wide and relaxed-fit jeans go well with cowboy boots, but you may want to think about getting a shorter inseam to make up for the added bagginess.

What jeans go best with cowboy boots

For more than a century, the American company Wrangler has provided authentic cowboys with jeans. It comes as no surprise that the Wrangler 13MWZ Cowboy Cut Originals tick all the right boxes when it comes to finding pants that look great with Western-style boots.

The fit is slightly loose but not formless, ensuring that the pant legs stack just enough to fit comfortably over your boots. This makes it simple for genuine cowboys to mount and off their mounts from a practical standpoint. The fit provides you a genuine Western appearance with five pockets and all.

They wouldn’t be authentic Wrangler cowboy jeans without the trademark Wrangler Ws on the rear pockets, much like the Rolex Submariner doesn’t have a Mercedes hand.

These pants have a flannel inside despite having a robust and sturdy 100% cotton structure. Anyone who has rode a horse or just wore denim continuously understands the discomfort of jean chafing. This lining, along with the felled seams, stops this irritation in its tracks.

How to wear cowboy boots with jeans female

Slouchy jeans
Because they easily fit into your boots and may be rolled up to reveal a little skin between them and a pair of western ankle boots, skinny jeans are some of the best jeans to wear with cowboy boots.

In the winter or the summer, wear them with any kind of cowboy boot. Add a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and tuck in a fitted tank, a timeless tee, or a blouse. Overlayer a trench, cardigan, or lightweight jacket. A western belt can give you a bit of cowgirl flair.

Choose a bodysuit, a pair of black skinny jeans, and add a dark or white blazer for an appearance that is more sophisticated. Choose a pair of shiny or black ankle cowboy boots.

Straight-leg clothing
Similar to thin jeans, straight leg jeans are currently in style and are preferred to wear with western boots. They make excellent pants for cowboy boots. Your appearance will have more volume thanks to the looser fit, but if your jeans are long enough, they will tuck nicely into your boots.

I adore wearing a simple neutral or rocker shirt underneath a jean jacket and straight-leg jeans. Double denim is great with cowboy boot attire, I assure you! For this outfit, a simple cowboy boot in black, white, or a bright color works well.

Large-leg jeans
While cropped versions of wide-leg jeans are preferred with western boots that are ankle height, wide-leg jeans may not be the first choice with cowboy boots.

If the shape is longer, you can easily wear any cowboy boot underneath them; only the heel and toe will protrude to give off a little amount of yee-haw vibrations.

You can choose to wear a loose-fitting blouse or sweater tucked into your jeans or keep it simple with a white t-shirt.

Bootcut or flared jeans
Outfits with flares or bootcut jeans and cowboy boots will unquestionably look really western! Any height of cowboy boots will fit below cropped flare jeans, so pick the design you like best.

By layering a fringe jacket over a blouse or tee and/or adding a western buckle belt, you can give this outfit a boho vibe.

Best dress pants to wear with cowboy boots

1. Follow the attire guidelines
Cowboy boots have only been seen in casual situations, but dress pants are typically associated with formal and business casual settings. However, in today’s society, cowboy boots are frequently worn at weddings and in business-casual environments like laid-back offices.

Notably, you should make sure your dress pants are appropriate for the event you are attending before you wear them. Instead of formal pants and cowboy boots, typical workplaces like consulting, business, and banking may require you to wear a suit.

However, creative fields like fashion, marketing, and publishing could be more accepting of business casual attire. To determine whether wearing cowboy boots with dress pants will be okay, ask someone at your job about the dress code before deciding to rock your pair of cowboy boots.

2. Decide on the Best Cowboy Boots
To achieve the best appearance when wearing cowboy boots with dress pants, pick boots that go with the event. The cowboy boots we suggest pairing with various dress pants are listed below.

Casual Occasions (a).
If you’re going to a casual event, choose short cowboy boots or classic western boots to go with your dress pants. Most people imagine traditional cowboy boots with a classic appearance when they hear the term “cowboy boots.”

They are more fashionable than other boots and are excellent for making your dress pants look more casual. If you want cowboy boots that are still fashionable to wear for weekend activities or after-work activities, we suggest them.

Short casual boots, a shorter variant of classic boots, are the most comfortable to wear for casual occasions because they provide the most options for outfits. You will also appreciate how simple it is to put on and take off these boots while you wear them.

As long as they match, you can play more with the color of your cowboy boots and jeans ensemble while going about your daily business.

b). Formal Events

For formal occasions, you can also wear cowboy boots, but always make sure you are aware of the appropriate attire. However, wearing boots is permitted on some formal occasions, such as Texan weddings; however, it would be excellent if you verified with the pair before selecting the best cowboy boots to match your dress pants.

Since Dress cowboy boots include sophisticated decorations or designs, we advise wearing them for formal situations. The dress shoes are likewise made of high-quality materials, and you may stain them to give them a worn-in appearance that still fits in with some formal settings.

To avoid the overall appearance being too good for the event you are attending or your workplace, try to avoid wearing cowboy boots with too many cracks and tears. To avoid wearing light colors or patterns with patterns, wear dark boots with darker pants while attending formal events.

For a laid-back business meeting or professional environment, black or dark navy dress pants suit well with your cowboy boot. This will go good, especially with dark brown or black jeans.

3. Don the appropriate dress pants.
You can wear slacks that are proportionate to your frame if you wear the suitable formal pants and cowboy boots. They might otherwise come off as awkward and unpleasant.

Make sure your dress pants have a bottom that is broad enough to fit your cowboy boots when selecting your dress pants. Additionally, it’s essential to prevent your cowboy boots’ V shape from leaving a print on top of your jeans because doing so would detract from the appearance of the dress pants.

You can simply avoid the print by selecting formal pants made of a thicker, more robust cloth. Make the best choice by purchasing your cowboy boots while wearing dress pants or by having custom dress pants created, but keep in mind that this can be costly.

As a result, the perfect length for your boots will be when they reach the bottom of your heel and are covered by your pants by a quarter to a half inch.

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