Best Pants To Wear With Chelsea Boots

When we have a new fashion problem we usually start looking for solutions and that is what I did when I needed to know what pants to wear with Chelsea boots . I think this question can be asked by anybody that wants to create a smart outfit. But before finding an answer you have to know how to wear Chelsea boots.

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If you can wear them without looking silly, you can be the coolest guy in the room. I’m talking about your Chelsea boots. But Chelsea boots are not just for rich people with a lot of money to buy the expensive ones. They’re also for guys that know how to get the right pants and shoes combinations to look smart and casual at the same time.

Boots with elastic side panels are known as Chelsea boots. They are available in a range of styles, heel heights, and outsole designs. Chelsea boots are more popular than ever right now, particularly ones with substantial lug bottoms. But we also can’t overlook more traditional designs like Chelsea rain boots or the weatherized boot from Blundstone Originals! I’ll stick to giving styling tips on how to wear Chelsea boots with style.

So keep reading for all the style advice on four ways to wear Chelsea boots with various outfits and settings. I hope you leave with a renewed love for Chelsea boot ensembles, whether you’re seeking for a new outfit concept or some style inspiration!

Best Pants To Wear With Chelsea Boots

The first pair of Chelsea boots, which are among the most cherished fashion essentials, were produced for Queen Victoria in 1837. Since then, the design, which is distinguished by an elastic side panel, has gained popularity both in England and internationally as one of the most common styles of boots for fall weather. Chelsea boots should remain a fall (wardrobe) classic to add to your boot rotation, according to celebrity stylist and costume designer Alexandra Imgruth, even if ankle boots and thigh-high boots have recently taken the focus.

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If you’re unsure about how to wear Chelsea boots, Imgruth has agreed to provide her expert advice on what to wear with various Chelsea boot designs. You’ll be counting down the days till autumn after reading this article for helpful, vintage-inspired wardrobe inspiration.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots With Style

There are two primary designs from which you can select when wearing Chelsea boots. The typical leather Chelsea boot is the first option. Leather Chelsea boots look smart and may be worn as dress shoes with many refined outfits because of their sleek and smooth appeal. Even a suit can be worn with this look for more formal events. Chelsea boots in black leather are ideal for these situations. For an added sense of refinement, you can choose a polished or patent design. Conversely, brown leather Chelsea boots are a great choice for footwear and go with a variety of semi-formal, smart casual, and business casual outfits.

Chelsea Boots in Suede
The second kind of Chelsea boots on the market are those made of suede. Suede Chelsea boots have a more casual appearance than typical leather styles do because to their texture, and they may give outfits a laid-back vibe. As a result, they tend to look a touch too informal for formal looks and go best with casual and smart casual attire.

Suede Chelsea boots are often produced in traditional black and brown colors, just as leather Chelsea boots. When choosing between black and brown, keep in mind that black works best for an urban look, while brown might give off a casual country vibe. Remember to treat your suede shoes with a water-resistant suede protector to keep them looking sharp even during the winter because suede shoes are readily damaged by moisture.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots

Short Skirt with Graphic T-Shirt

After work, are you going out for drinks? I have you. Replace the chic bodysuit with a cute graphic tee! Simply swap out a neutral top for a more exciting top, like this graphic tee, to instantly transform a midi skirt from business to fun.

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You may even slightly raise the midi skirt on your waist to show off more of your black boots’ funky leather soles, and you’ll be all set for happy hour!

Henley and midi skirt

This green pleated maxi skirt is no exception to my love of pleated skirts! The leather boots and metallic vibe of it go well together, and the Henley’s laid-back appearance is perfect for going out for coffee or running errands

Four Ways to Wear Chelsea Boots

Jeans that are straight
Pick a pair of straight-leg jeans that are long enough for the boots to slip under if you wish to wear your Chelsea boots with them. A choppy appearance results from wearing pants that are excessively short. If you can find a pair of Chelsea boots that fit slim to the ankle, that would also be ideal for this style. My current pair of jeans works, but they could be a little bit smaller so they don’t get caught on things when I walk.

With skinnies
Choose a pair of slim jeans that reach the top of the boot if you’re wearing Chelsea boots with them, or you can slightly cuff them, as I did above. In order to conceal my ankles and avoid breaking up the look when wearing a pair of black boots, I will also wear long black socks. (It keeps me warm, too!)

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With leggings
One of the simplest ways to wear Chelsea boots is with leggings. It’s also my preferred way to wear them, and I frequently wear that outfit. People frequently wear leggings that are just tucked into their boots, which is how I like to wear mine, as well as tall socks that protrude slightly above the top of the boot. I don’t add bulky socks because the narrow space between my ankles and calves is fairly limited. Otherwise, my legs would appear even shorter because of the thick line that will be made from my boots to my calves.

Boots with a skirt.
If you’re tiny, keep your skirt or dress above the knee when wearing Chelsea boots. If it isn’t cool enough where you live for opaque tights, you can substitute translucent tights or skip them completely. There are more (non-holiday) prints available for this skirt.

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