Best Pants To Wear With Booties

Do you want to look stylish even in the winter time? You’re not alone. While most stores carry different varieties of boots and sweaters, they usually lack a variety of pants that are thick enough to keep you warm yet skinny enough to go with your boot cut jeans. But don’t worry, I have the best solution for your cold weather fashion crisis.

If you love making fashion statements, then you must have already noticed the trend of wearing pants and booties along. Booties are huge this spring and they come in a wide variety of different patterns, designs as well as colors. High boots and tall riding boot…you know you have some of these. The best thing about them is that they can be worn with almost anything. So, this begs the question: what are the best pants to wear with ankle boots?

Choosing what jeans to pair with boots can be challenging, especially in light of all the available fashion advice. To address this, I’ve written a guide that provides the appropriate information for the best style jeans to wear with ankle boots, just to be safe.

Best pants to wear with boots? Any type of boot, especially over-the-knee and sock boots, will look amazing with slim jeans worn with them. To elongate your legs and balance your outfit, wear baggy or mom jeans with heeled ankle boots over boots that are fitted to the calf.

Best Pants To Wear With Booties

Although there are many more combinations of jeans and booties you could wear in addition to the ones I’ve shown here, I’m going to stick with the most common ones to guide your decision-making for shoes and jeans.
Even though narrow jeans are losing their popularity, they are still excellent choices. Regardless of the current tendencies, they actually are rather necessary in specific circumstances. Like, skinny jeans are the easiest and greatest option when it’s really cold and you need to wear all-weather boots or tall boots to keep your legs warmer, so they’re still important from a practical aspect! If you’re concerned about appearing dated, simply wear them with contemporary clothing on top.

I prefer it when the booty top and the bottom of the pant leg are quite uniformly spaced apart. The pant leg should have a cuff that contrasts with the color on the exterior of the pants, or both, or there should be a small space between the booties.

Personally, I enjoy it when my skinny jeans don’t bunch at the bottom since I think a cleaner line looks a little more put together. Additionally, I choose a fitting leg opening over a broader leg opening because I believe the latter can effectively cut off your legs. as follows:

Although I don’t believe the other two possibilities are the absolute worst things imaginable, I much prefer the final appearance. I don’t mind the pants being a little bit wider than the booties for the second outfit, but I do try to avoid an extreme version. Since skinny jeans’ calves are fitting, when the cuff is notably bigger, it produces a crooked line down the leg, which is why I don’t like it. (Note that this pertains only to slim jeans. You’ll see that a pant leg that is wider than the boot looks good when we discuss straight leg jeans because the calves aren’t as fitting, keeping the vertical line straight.)

Best pants to wear with boots

Both jeans and cowboy boots have developed to come in a huge variety of styles, shapes, washes, and colors. There are several options, including formal boots, work boots, straight-leg jeans, and boot-cut jeans. However, putting together the ideal outfit with jeans and cowboy boots is as simple as knowing a few fashion fundamentals and using your own taste.

Cowboy boots with jeans: How to Style
How do you pair jeans with cowboy boots? As a general rule, we advise layering your boots with medium- to dark-wash jeans (not tucked in). Although the lower leg should have some room to support the boot without showing through, the upper legs of the jeans should be very form-fitting. We’ll go over how to choose the ideal length, cut, and color in the parts that follow.

Jeans with Cowboy Boots: Choosing the Correct Length
Find the proper fit while selecting a pair of jeans to go with your cowboy boots. The pants should be long enough to cover the shaft of the boots and shield your legs from harm, but not so long that they drag behind you or become tangled under your heel. Ideally, they should protrude between a quarter and a half inch above the heel of your cowboy boots. Have the hem of your jeans sit directly above the instep of your cowboy boots if you wish to wear shorter ones to highlight your shoes.

Best Pants to wear with ankle boots

Got any longer thin jeans? Not to worry. Jeans can be tucked into ankle boots. This look can be done, but in my opinion it’s a little trickier to pull off and isn’t my fave.

Straight-leg jeans, which are hugely popular in 2023, are another option. Wide-leg jeans and short-shaft ankle boots are not recommended since you will end up with too much cloth.

Rolling your skinny jeans under to make them slightly more cropped at the ankle is another cool hack to attempt, and it’s also one of the simplest. Short or medium-shaft booties work best with this style. (Yes, there are a lot of various kinds of ankle boots and jeans, which makes things confusing.)

In the past, the preferred method for pairing jeans with ankle boots was to cuff your pants like in the image above. However, the enormous cuff is now a little out of style.

Best style jeans to wear with ankle boots

Dresses and skirts go well with ankle boots
We may all be found guilty of getting stuck in a rut with our outfit choices when it comes to wardrobe staples like ankle boots. It can be difficult to come up with other outfit ideas after wearing your go-to booties with jeans so frequently. Don’t be frightened to experiment with new things. Wearing your ankle boots with a dress or skirt is a great choice that works well for both dressy daytime outfits and laid-back evenings out. Choose a midi length if you want to pull off the appearance. By doing this, you will create a fashionable skin-flash between your boots and hemline that will balance your ensemble. Additionally, you will seem quite trendy.

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