Best Colors To Wear With Red Hair

Most experts suggest that natural red hair shades fall into one of four categories: strawberry blonde, copper (an orange red), true red, and auburn (dark reddish-brown). Did you notice the omission of violet or plum red? That’s because these shades don’t occur in natural hair,  so they can’t be a true base color. Be careful of these hues when going red; they can be a tricky look to pull off well. Once you identify your red, you can find the colors that will best complement your makeup, clothing, and more.


You may discover that your old makeup choices can either look too dull or too harsh with the new hair color. Utilize the following guidelines to select your perfect makeup shades: All red shades: Think neutral. You can’t go wrong with universally flattering nudes. Avoid rose tinted foundations, and instead choose golden or natural beige. Pick a facial feature and play it up (may be your lips!) instead of heavy makeup everywhere. Your bold hair is best enhanced by subtle cosmetics. Dark red hair: Shy away from drama and stick with a lighter shade palette. Peach blush is more flattering than red or rose tones. Lip gloss in coral or golden pink is a pretty choice, especially when paired with plenty of black mascara and liner to flatter your eyes. Light red hair: With lighter locks, you can experiment with more dramatic looks. Highlight eyes and lips with a splash of bold color. Again, coral lips will work best, but a well-chosen pink, like fuchsia, stands out nicely. Avoid red lipstick. Don’t be afraid to play up eyes with winged black liner and lavender eye shadow. Check out more detail on makeup shades for hair color here.

Marcia Cross


Now that your crowning glory coordinates with your cosmetics, let’s not forget about clothing colors to enhance your new ‘do. Some of the same color rules apply, but let’s explore the options: Neutrals– Once again, think neutral. Basic beige, brown, and black are the best go-to base colors for red hair. They never fail to flatter. Gold falls into this area, so wear it often… jewelry too! Green– Think of Marcia Cross and Blake Lively in stunning emerald dresses on the red carpet. Professional stylists chose the color for good reason- it’s stunning on redheads. You can be a head-turner in mossy shades too. Olive green is a fall staple. Go for it! Purple– A perennial color favorite, purple is a great choice for mostly anyone, but red hair really shines against it. Try it in accessories, especially paired with gold jewelry. Purple with blue undertones (rather than red) is the key factor to remember when choosing accessories. Blue- Royal blue or any deep blue makes red hair pop. Blue teal and turquoise hues, as well the ever popular blue denim, are great choices. Even navy works, especially for brighter red hair colors. Navy and ivory is a winning combo for dress and casual clothes. What Not to Wear: The sunny shades of yellow and orange are too strong. True white isn’t as good of a choice as off-white or cream. Pink, especially bubble gum pink, doesn’t really flatter, but a bolder pink might. Red clothing isn’t a great color for red hair, especially orange-red or burgundy. Silver or gray jewelry will look dull, so choose gold and bronze instead.

Red Hair Color Fashion Compliments: Emerald Green



Blue carpet aside, these contrasting colors make a perfect pair. 

Florence Wearing Emerald Green



The emerald gown and matching clutch make this outfit a true gem. 

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3. Deep Blue

Jessica Chastain Wearing Deep Blue



Redhead celebrities such as Isla Fisher and Jessica Chastain know the power of royal blue in their wardrobes, so you might want to follow suit. 

Red Hair Color Fashion Compliments: Deep Blue


All shades of blue are fair game for redheads. 

Isla Fisher Wearing Deep Blue



A navy look with a red lip is a powerful combination.

Amy Adams Wearing Deep Blue



Black accessories also complement a mostly blue outfit. 

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