Best Colors To Wear On Zoom Interview

Consider what your background will be during the video interview. If you’ll have a white or light-colored wall behind you, a contrasting richer or darker color will help you stand out more.

Great colors: royal blues, greens, grays, browns/tans, and purples can all work well. Softer colors (such as a pale blue shirt) work well because they convey a bit of personality without being overwhelming. Blue is also one of my favorite colors as it convey feelings of calm, trust and confidence.

Solid vs patterns: Patterns can appear too busy on a video screen and may distract your interviewer from your great answers. Either choose a simple pattern or wear solid colors. 

Be creative: try a bold colorful scarf to show your sense of style. Red is a powerful color that conveys energy and passion.

The right colors can help convey your confidence, professionalism, and ability to fit into an organization’s work environment.

  • Blue: shows that you’re confident, trustworthy, and a team player.
  • Black: implies leadership and sophistication.
  • Gray: you’re logical, and analytical.  Gray is a great color to wear as a suit or dress; it allows you to look powerful but is not quite as domineering as a black suit or dress.
  • Brown/tan: Brown is a neutral color that evokes feelings of calm. It is a great solid, neutral color for an interview.
  • White: makes people think you’re safe and organized. Crisp and clean, white is a great color for shirts and blouses. The color conveys truth and simplicity and adds a bit of brightness without being too overwhelming.

If you are in any doubt about the company’s culture, it is best to dress conservatively, with neutral, solid colors.

I think it is important to have something super clean and simple on top— you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or distracted by what you are wearing. Like it or not, the colors you choose to wear to your interview will reflect who you are and the qualities you bring to the table. So, when you’re left wondering what color to wear to an interview, it’s best to play it safe. No, you don’t have to wear the most boring outfit in the world. You can still express your personality, just do so more subtly with accessories such as a nice scarf, piece of jewelry or a tailored jacket with nice buttons.

Planning your outfit for an interview can improve your chances of getting the job. For an engineering interview, in particular, it’s important to maintain a well-kept appearance to reassure your prospective employer that you’re professional and suited for a career at their company and in the engineering field.

But figuring out how to dress can be a challenge. In many cases, engineers aren’t going to work in traditional professional business attire environments. Formal suits just don’t tend to be the standard, so you don’t necessarily have to go that far for an interview.

Best colors to wear for a Zoom Interview

The best colors to wear for a zoom interview are those that project confidence, professionalism, and competence, while also looking great on camera. The best colors to wear for a zoom interview include:

1. Black – Be careful with it

Black is the most formal color and is the one you’ll want to stick with if you’re interviewing for a job in business or finance. Black projects authority and power—the perfect combination of qualities if you want people to take your ideas seriously.

Black is always a good choice for a Zoom interview because it’s so classic and timeless—but it also looks great on camera. Black clothing tends to absorb light and can make details mostly invisible in photographs, so be careful how you wear it and go for solids most of the time.

2. Grey

Gray is a neutral color that will help you look professional and put together. It’s also a sophisticated color and an effortless shade to wear, so if you have an issue with coordination, it will be easier to match gray than other colors.

There’s a shade of gray for everyone. Charcoal grey is another great color that looks amazing on camera and will make you look sharp without being too formal or stuffy. It’s a great option if you want something that feels more casual but still professional or if you wish to add some color to your outfit without looking too flashy or risky. This is your safest bet.

3. Blue

Blue is one of the most popular colors for clothing, but did you know it’s also one of the best colors for looking good on camera?

Blue is a color suitable for most jobs, especially in the tech industry. Blue is the color of calm and trustworthiness, so if you want someone to believe in your abilities from word one, this is the color for you.

4. White – Choose the right White

Avoid anything too bright white, as it can look overwhelming and dominating on camera.

White is another excellent option to look professional without being too formal or dull. It works well for any job where you’d want to look like a professional who understands proper etiquette at work and knows how important details are when it comes time to impress someone new. White is a calming color that projects confidence without being too flashy or distracting. It also looks great on camera.

What colors to avoid wearing for a zoom interview?

Here are some tips for what not to wear during your interview:

1. Red and other hot colors like yellow, green, pink, and orange

While this color is generally flattering and exudes confidence, it becomes overwhelming when projected initially. Instead, opt for softer shades. This color is usually not replicated correctly on camera, and it can be too harsh at times. It can look orange to the camera.

They look unpleasant on camera most of the time.

2. Extreme colors: Dark Black and very Bright White

As the previous section dealt with it, it is best to avoid colors that are too extreme. This is because the camera will struggle to balance out the exposure correctly.

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Tips to choose the Best Color for your Zoom Interview

When dressing for a Zoom interview, it’s essential to wear something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself not something that makes you feel like an imposter. You should also avoid wearing any clothing items that have the potential to distract from your answers or ask questions about your appearance.

If you’re trying to figure out what color looks best on camera, some basic rules can help.

1. Choose solids over patterns

First, go for solids colors that come across great on-camera compared to flashy colors.

Solid colors are easy for anyone because they’re more professional and flattering than their patterned counterparts. Patterns are best for casual occasions like networking events or happy hours—not job interviews! If you choose a patterned top, keep it simple and don’t use too many pieces at once (no crazy collars here). Solid-colored bottoms like skirts or pants are also great options if patterned tops aren’t your thing.

2. Choose Neutral colors over bright ones

You want to appear calm and confident without seeming over-the-top or boring—but you also don’t want people focusing on what color shirt (or pants) you have on instead of what they need from you! The best way to accomplish this goal? Stick with neutrals like creams, tans, and grays—they won’t distract from your message because they’re not as flashy as bright colors can be.

3. Matte Clothing

Go for matte clothing material that looks soft on cameras rather than glossy and sheen. Avoid wearing heavy fabrics.

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